Monday, May 4, 2015

Asoke adventures = empty wallet Week #49

What a great week full of faith and miracles! I mentioned how our mission had a goal for 4 baptisms a companionship. That is about 340 baptisms for the whole mission. Just this month! I've already seen the miracles that have started only 4 days into this month!
Yesterday Ying and her son Safe Safe were baptized! They are so great. Safe Safe is the cutest little 8 year old boy. He even has that whole missing teeth thing going on. Yesterday while we were at church (it was some broadcast with voiced over thai, not a sacrament meeting) he was getting a little restless. So I pulled out my notebook and we started drawing pictures. It started very innocently with me drawing an elephant, him drawing an elephant, him drawing a fish, me drawing a dolphin, me drawing batman, the next thing I know he hands me a picture of poop. Ha ha 8 year old boys... He thought it was hilarious, which then actually made it pretty funny. Saturday night before the Sunday (baptism day) I called Ying to make sure they were ready and she said that Safe Safe came and asked her earlier that day, "tomorrow we are getting baptized right?" So adorable! I love them!
This week I went on a switch off to Asoke. That involved an adventure of trying to find a farrang man who is LA and is supposed to be going to the international branch. I guess his mom sent the bishop his information. So we got to leave the area and try to find him. After the adventure of subways, buses, getting ripped off on the price of coconut water, we found his house! Unfortunately he was on vacation with his family. We left a little note and said we'd come back again later. Apparently this was attempt number 4 in trying to find him. I hope attempt number 5 the Asoke sisters will meet success. 
We also went and did training in Asoke. I really need to stop going to that city. Every time you go it feels like a special occasion so  you eat out at food that is special. (Asoke has the widest variety of food that actually tastes like real foreign food). The cause of all the Asoke adventures is an empty wallet... Its kind of an issue. But I have now caught on to the trend and how I end up so poor. I now just have to remember that going to Asoke is not a special occasion and that I do not need to eat special food. I didn't even like the subway in Thailand when I was a greenie... The longer you are in country, the more real the food tastes. Ha ha
This week we were also able to meet some great new people that seem so prepared. I guess my companion Sister Beck and the sister from Asoke were able to experience some miracles in finding people to teach during the switch off. I am excited to go and meet them and continue to teach them this week. 
As I was studying my scriptures this week I came across this scripture in Exodus,
"before all thy people I will do marvels, such as have not been done in all the earth, nor in any nation: and all the people among which thou art shall see the work of the Lord"
I feel like this is what the Lord is telling us in Thailand. Sorry I can't really think of a way to apply it to you who are reading it, but I am sure you will be able to think of something to take out of it! 
I love you all! Hope you had a great week!
-Sister Nethercott
 Tioing last p-day

 Asoke... It gets me everytime.


 I love 'em!

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