Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I felt like one of those important people receiving a giant check while accepting the fruit basket. Week #48

Hello everyone! Another great week here in Bang khae. It was a little crazy though... I don't even know what happened.
We had a surprise mini MLC training that we had to go to Asoke for. It was actually pretty inspirational. I think it is really going to pump up the mission for May and our goal of 4 baptisms a companionship. I have no doubt after that training that it is possible. I am so excited for the coming month and the many miracles we are going to experience! The miracles have already started her in Bang Khae. 
Last Sunday we had this women show up who Sister Lamb (the sister I replaced here) had invited months ago. She has an 8 year old son who is adorable and he loved church yesterday! They are both scheduled to be baptized next week. Yesterday, another women and her 15 year daughter came to church and they also felt really good. They are also preparing to be baptized. There are just so many miracles raining down on us right now. We had 114 people in sacrament meeting yesterday. I think there were only 2 empty chairs! The announcement of the temple has increasingly hastened the pace of this great work. I am so grateful to be a missionary here right now and be part of it! 
This week we also got to teach police men English. We went to the police station and had a class in their conference room. That was pretty fun. They wanted to pay us and we tried to get the money donated to charity but they wouldn't do that. The compromise was they gave us a big basket of their best mangoes. I felt like one of those important people receiving a giant check while accepting the fruit basket. 
Having a greenie also brings some fun things into the work. Like all the creepers that just fall in love with how adorable she is. I have never had so many men call our phone confessing their love and wanting to be with us. Im not sure whether it is more funny or annoying. The Elders recommendation, record silence and set it as the ringtone. That would be one solution to the frequent phone calls.
As I was studying the scriptures this week, I read in the bible dictionary about faith. These are some of the pieces that I liked:
"Confidence in something or someone." Faith is not only a belief in God. I thin we must also have confidence in ourselves to be able to have success in our goals.
"Miracles do not produce faith, but strong faith is developed by obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ. In other words, faith comes by righteousness." We must have exact obedience in our lives in order to bring the results of our faith.
"True faith brings miracles, visions, dreams, healings, and all the gifts of God that he gives to his Saints." If we have true faith we can have a vision (not only meaning a dream) but we can know what we want and how to get there. If we create a vision, through our faith we can witness the miracle and success of that vision.
Being a missionary here in Thailand I have learned a lot from our mission president President Senior. I have never seen anyone better at creating a vision and a process to get there. Everyone should take the challenge and create a vision for yourselves, for your lives. Figure out what it is you want and the process you need to begin to get there. If you work hard and are obedient to the process, you will experience the miracles God has in store for you. Have the faith to get there!
I hope you all have had a great week! Love you!

-Sister Nethercott
 The giant snail that came out while it was raining...
 The most adorable baby in the world!
My favorite people.
 It took a few tries to keep a straight face... 

Teaching the police men and receiving mangoes!
 Teaching the police men. I think Sister Beckstrand got proposed to during the class. Ha ha

The papaya salad I made myself...

And my greenie eating her first papaya salad like a boss!

 Pineapple. (Which sister Belnap got me addicted to).

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