Monday, September 29, 2014

I magically love some curries now! Week #17

The delicious curry that I love and actually just finished eating. Ha ha
Don't miss the link at the end to hear Sister Nethercott tell the First Vision in Thai! Very cool

Another great week in Bang Khen! The best news is I magically love some curries now! It came out of no where but I am constantly craving patpomgerimugrab.... A yellow curry? Its delicious!
This week started out at the Bishop's house for family home evening. They had a friend from Cambodia visiting for a couple nights. He doesn't speak Thai so they communicate through very very broken English. Well his English is really good actually. He was telling us about how Cambodia has gotten a third stake and is pretty close to getting their fourth! He was saying there are rumors they might get the temple instead of Thailand because they are growing more and then members from both Vietnam and Thailand could come. But Thailand already has the place they will build the temple once they get the members for it. Whichever way blesses the most people though would be best!
Tuesday was definitely the most sad day of my mission. The investigator I have mentioned a few times (He wouldn't pray and then he was, he brought his brother to church with him), well he dropped us. It was pretty dramatic actually. He came to the appointment and started telling this story about his friend's dad's funeral he went to that week. The dad had hung himself. They cremated his body and he helped his friend spread the ashes into the river. When he was doing that, he realized life has no point because in the end we are all just dust. He told us that he came to tell us that would be our last lesson together. I sat there trying to keep up with this conversation and getting parts of it translated for me. I wanted to think of some scripture that would help him! Heavenly Father took control and led me to Mosiah 2:25. I had him start reading at verse 21 that talks about God being our creator. But it says this in 25.
"And now I ask, can ye say aught of yourselves? I answer you, Nay. Ye cannot say that ye are even as much as the dust of the earth; yet ye were created of the dust of the earth; but behold, it belongeth to him who created you."
Unfortunately he didn't seem to care at that point. But he was thanking us for meeting with him. He said we were the most beautiful creatures he has met (It makes more sense in Thai... Its not physical beauty, but like your soul is beautiful). Sister Her was crying. She has never cried about an investigator dropping her before. But it was so sad hearing him say that in the end he believes we are all just dust. And we have been meeting him for over a month. He even said the closing prayer. He said I am sorry I am a sinner for making Sister Her cry. And he said Sorry, truly. So sad and dramatic. I couldn't look at him at the end of the prayer because at that point I was about to start crying. So I turned around to stack up my chair and he practically ran out of the church building! So yes, very sad and very dramatic,
It made us worried the rest of the week might head in that same direction. The next day we had an appointment with this cute girl who had already tried to drop us but we told her she hadn't even given it a chance yet! So we were worried she would drop us for real. Thursday we had a lesson with our investigator who is friends with the one that dropped us (everyone in the ward would always ask us if they were dating, but they just met from lessons with us). We thought maybe she was heading the same direction he was going. By the end of the week however, everything was good. All our investigators are still progressing and doing awesome... We just have to get them to except dates! Oh and this week, we got a family referral! A mom with two daughters. One of which is over the age of 8! So hopefully they will progress in their testimonies and their faith in Christ as we teach them.
This week Bangkok got a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Yesterday at church, it pored so hard! The streets flooded! Everyone was stuck in the church for quite a while. Ha ha 
So yes, missionary work is still great and going strong here! Now here is the thought I want to leave you with this week. 2 Nephi 25: 23
"For we labor diligently to write, to persuade our children, and also our brethren, to believe in Christ, and to be reconciled to God; for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do."
We are only saved by grace if we do all we can first. We can't just expect Christ to do everything. We have to put in the effort and all that we can in order to receive his help.
Well I love you all and I hope life is still going well!

-Sister Nethercott

This week's gift from Loyed (donuts)

The outside of where I live.

This is what Mcdonalds looks like here!

Dinner at Sister หญิง's house.

 Somtom... Or papaya salad. The crazy Elders asked for 30 pricks (which means really spicy) and I tried a bite. I actually got a pretty good video if I could find out how to get video from my camera to the computer.

Sister Her & I in the rain

Click here to Listen to Sister Nethercott tell the First Vision in Thai!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Flour Tower Collapse Week #16

This week during FHE I collapsed the flour tower... Ha ha
Well we survived transfer week! All but Elder Boonmee. We got another greenie in our district now, Elder Bush. He came in way strong. His first day here he was already better at the language both speaking and reading than I am. And I have been here a whole transfer now! Ha ha I guess he is just here to give me an extra push or something. But seriously, the day he got here they asked him to give the spiritual thought in coordination meeting. Everyone's jaws just dropped and all of the Thai people in the meeting were just like, "he's a greenie?" He is a great addition to our district, but of course we still already miss Elder Boonmee.
Sister Her and I just realized it was only Thursday that transfers happened. It feels like forever ago! But nothing has really happened since... Ok I will try to think of things to write.
This week we visited a member Sister หญิง. She made such good food! It was genkiowan... A green curry that she had noodles we could put in it. And She made a good salad with fried chicken. And there were potatoes! Its crazy how quickly you miss the taste of Americanish food. This is the same sister that made that fish. Sister Her let her know that I don't like spicy food so hopefully the delicious stuff she made on Wednesday will keep coming!
We also visited an RC Sister Jenny. She is super cute! We got there expecting to meet with her and get to know her. But when we got there (to her salon where she works), she had a customer there ready for us to teach. Or for her to teach with us as witnesses. Ha ha. She was awesome though! She wanted us to teach about the temple and eternal families. She pretty much taught her everything our church believes and everything we do. All at once, without it even being overwhelming. She shared her conversion experience about everything and bore her testimony on it. This is a comparison she made about the church. Its like standing outside of the gates of Disneyland. You see all the happiness and lights and everything fun inside but you don't go in and join. So you have to go in and then you can have all that joy too! Her customer seemed super sincere and interested. The only problem, she is from southern Thailand and was going back the next day. We don't have missionaries there! She said she had skype though, so hopefully she will be able to meet with the Elders over skype.
Other than that, not a whole lot happened. This week just went by way fast. The area is finally organized now and Sister Her and I finally have somewhat of a schedule with things. It took us a whole transfer to get this place opened and organized but now that it is, I don't ever want to leave! I hope I stay here for a while. 
Oh our investigators. They are still progressing but no one with a date. We hope to change that this week. But they all seem good. I think if I were converting to a church I would need at least a month. Sister Her says this is the longest she has ever taught anyone though. One thing that made me super happy yesterday was this: Our investigator that brings his little brother to church, well he brought him again. He is about ten. And yesterday there was a musical number with the ward choir and the primary. And he was up there singing with them and his brother (our actual investigator) was watching. It was just so sweet! 
Here is a scripture that I want to share for this week:
Mosiah 4: 11-12
 "11 And again I say unto you as I have said before, that as ye have come to the knowledge of the glory of God, or if ye have known of his goodness and have tasted of his love, and have received a remission of your sins, which causeth such exceedingly great joy in your souls, even so I would that ye should remember, and always retain in remembrance, the greatness of God, and your own nothingness, and his goodness and long-suffering towards you, unworthy creatures, and humble yourselves even in the depths of humility, calling on the name of the Lord daily, and standing steadfastly in the faith of that which is to come, which was spoken by the mouth of the angel.
 12 And behold, I say unto you that if ye do this ye shall always rejoice, and be filled with the love of God, and always retain a remission of your sins; and ye shall grow in the knowledge of the glory of him that created you, or in the knowledge of that which is just and true."
God really loves all of us! The more things you do that bring yourself closer to him, the more you will recognize how much that is true! I am so happy that I know I have a loving Heavenly Father. That there is someone who loves me more than I can even understand. 
I hope you have all had a great week! I love you all!

-Sister Nethercott
transfer meeting with my MTC district (almost all of them)
The Sisters of my MTC District. Reunion at transfers

Thailand is great because you can order food at the internet cafe's. And they bring it to you.

Flour Tower collapse 
If you remember from last week's email:
This was a game that we played for FHE. You get the flour set up like that and put a candy on top. Then you go around the circle and take turns taking part of the flour pile. If it collapses while you do it, you have to eat the candy from the stack using just your face!

An older man that attends English class has a crush on Brecklyn and brings her treats every week. This week was an opened package of gummies. :)

Getting cocoyen which is like a chocolate milk that has condensed milk and sugar and more sugar.... Not something you want to get addicted to. Ha ha

This is the baby that lives somewhere on the same street as the church. The little boy behind it seems to be his care taker... They are usually dragging it around with a string or running it down slopes or sliding him under cars... It freaks me out and no one even cares here! I don't know how these children make it to be adults!

Ok they are so smart with traffic here. If one way is more backed up than the other way, they close more lanes on the other side and then let the more crowded side have more lanes. I think it is genius. I have even seen it done on the freeway. They just put out cones and let people drive on the other side of the cement dividers.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bird in the face Week #15

As of this week I have now been on my mission for over 100 days! Its crazy how fast time flies. This week is also transfers! Crazy fast.
Thailand finally got to me and I felt sick for a couple days. Probably something I ate. But other than that, it was a great week! Yeah sorry mom, I didn't use the oils, but I have used them for sunburn and for bugspray! Elder Boonmee gave me his charcoal pills so thats what I used. I just need to pull out the oils and read their uses.
Ok now the second question you asked. Do not bring any other shoes than crocs! Ok that is kind of extreme. I would recommend one walking shoe because I do like mine, one dressy pair for meetings, and then you really only need one pair of crocs. I way over packed on shoes listening to what they told me to pack. My companion sister Her has nearly walked through the bottoms of her one pair of crocs she wears every day. And all of the sisters here have their funny crocs tans because that is literally the only shoes any of the sisters wear. They also buy a pair of sparkly jelly shoes that I haven't gotten yet. So yes, do not over pack the shoe thing. Crocs are also fine for walking in. Your feet get used to it. Also if we are giving advice on packing. Pack light. You can find a lot of the stuff here. Also, for transfers it is way hard to have two huge bags and a carry on, plus a bike. I am going to try and shed a suitcase at some point if it is possible. If you are worried about the weight, put it all in your carry on because they don't actually weigh those. It is a lie! I could've brought all of my snacks after all.
Now the third question. There could be reason to worry about the food or water here. But you just bless it and Heavenly Father takes care of you. If you think about where your food came from at all it disgusts you a ton. But if you just think oh look food and say a prayer then you are ok. Even the Thai people know their water isnt clean enough to drink so they all drink bottled water too. I brush my teeth with the water though. So I don't know? The meat they use just sits out all day and then they cook it and then it sits out and then you buy it. But missionaries here really don't get sick much. Greenies can adjusting to the spice and bacteria. I just had a fever and felt like I was going to throw up. But yeah, its not too much of a concern.
This week we found this cute new investigator. She is going to school here. She stayed at church pretty much all day yesterday so that was awesome! Our other investigators are still progressing great and keeping all of their commitments but just aren't ready for baptism yet. After this week if they still aren't ready, we are going to have to switch something up. Its hard because you don't want to keep bringing it up like it is all you care about. But they don't realize how important it is even if you have told them!
Something fun that I forgot to write home about was that a bird flew into my face! Yeah that was gross. Sister Her freaked out more than I did, I think she better understands how dirty the birds are here. But yeah we were just walking down the street contacting and then bamb there is a bird in my face! Ha ha Another great thing that happens to missionaries here is the topic of conversation. Every conversation either ends with the word poop or it ends with Jesus. Or one conversation will start with one but end with the other. It always comes back to those 2 things. And that is why missionaries come home so awkward from missions. Ha ha
So on that note here is the spiritual thought I am going to share this week. 
It is crazy to see the faith here in Thailand. Elder kanakham from the 70 was at church on Sunday and had a meeting with us missionaries after. It was mentioned in what he was talking to us about how the people in Thailand have such good hearts and great faith. And they really do! We went and visited the relief society president this week. She has only been a member for 3 years and she is the president! So I guess what I want to say is this: It doesn't matter what you know or what you don't know. As long as you believe in Christ and have the desire to follow him, thats all you need. It is that simple. You don't need to get wrapped up in the this and that or the debatable topics of the church. All you need is the faith in Christ to follow him. Faith, its so simple. Don't let your doubts keep you from having faith in the things you know are true. Let your faith drive you.
I love you all! I hope you have had a great week!

-Love Sister Nethercott

Here is the yummy icecream I got to eat. :) I still miss oatmeal cookie batter though.

This was a game that we played for FHE. You get the flour set up like that and put a candy on top. Then you go around the circle and take turns taking part of the flour pile. If it collapses while you do it, you have to eat the candy from the stack using just your face! This is Elder Boonmee's turn. It was hilarious! 

This is a picture of what happens when your waiting for english class to start. You end up helping a Thai member with their spanish homework. You teach them the word in Spanish and they teach it to you in Thai... Kinda gave me a headache. Ha ha

That is a bag of sticky rice that our great new RC วิน gave us.

We used to get yougurt flavored Hi-chews in Japan, they were our FAVORITE! But then they stopped making them several years ago and we were sad. Leave it to Brecklyn to find them! :)

Sister Her & Sister Nethercott in front of the Bang Khen church

Monday, September 8, 2014

Baptism! Week #14

So yesterday we had our first baptism! It was so great! วิน was pretty much handed to us. He was so ready. It worked out well because everything went smoothly and we were able to baptize him before church. Then that sacrament he was able to receive the Holy Ghost. In a way, its easier because you don't have to stress out all week and worry that they will come the next Sunday and get the Holy Ghost. So yeah that was great. I am excited to start his after baptism lessons! Then we get to really secure his faith and his conversion. :)
Saturday we had the privilege to go to Asoke and hear from the President of the Mission department Elder Allen. It is actually the 3rd time I have heard from him because he came twice at the MTC. From that training, I guess I took it way different than everyone else. He came in hard and I loved it! All week I have been getting told from the spirit to go and get referrals and do member missionary work. And Sister Her is awesome with member missionary work. So we already had made all these plans in weekly planning this week to work with the members. But anyways, as great as this mission is, we have this problem with baptizing and not retaining. I guess most of the missionaries here felt like it was a call to repentance. I loved it and agreed with every word he said! But then again I am a greenie and can't take credit in any of this missions successes or fails yet. But at one point he said we would all go to heaven and say we served in the Thailand Bangkok mission and all of the angles would go, "BOO!!!" So yeah it was direct. But thats the way I like it. He said we were great at baptizing but now we need to focus on member missionary work. I don't think there is anything wrong or bad about that, he is just trying to help us balance what our focus is on. It was awesome. But only the missionaries in Bangkok and leaders got to attend. So that was fun because I got to see some of my old MTC district. All those Elders though are still stuck way out there because the only Elder I have seen still is Elder Curtis. 
So for this Sunday we have 3 people with a date but I am not sure if any of them will be ready... Not because I don't have faith in them but some people just like to take their time learning. They are all making progress and reading the Book of Mormon and praying but its just in their personalities to take big decisions at a slower pace. So we will see what comes of this next Sunday.
This week I went on a switch off with the Sister Training leader Sister Packard. It was way fun. Its nice to see how missionary work is the same and yet everyone does it differently. But I got to lead all of the lessons and make decisions for the day. Thats the most fun way to do missionary work is to be in charge but have a translator. Ha ha just kidding. But she is an awesome missionary and I feel like I was able to learn a lot from her. She also got to enjoy getting completely drenched with me. Some of our things involving planners and books don't like water so much. Luckily nothing got ruined... Just a little warped.
Ok and I have to share this quick and hope it makes sense. Because the church is so new here and pretty much everyone has converted from Buddhism, I guess a lot of apostate things are said and it sounds like Priesthood on Sundays is pretty bad.Elder Hill (my district leader) was comparing it to whack a mole. Some member says some crazy apostate thing and your like no thats not right and you wack it down. Before you know it someone else is saying something else and so you have to smack that down. And it just keeps happening and you have to keep whacking the moles down! Ha ha it was pretty funny but they had some crazy funny examples of what members have said. Lets see: One lady said she knew resurrection was true because a man showed up at church that looked just like her dead brother. She asked if he had a mole on his stomach and he did. So she has a testimony of resurrection because of that experience.... Buddhist convert... Whack the mole of apostasy. Ha ha
Its crazy because you do so much as a missionary and time flies and by the end of the week, thinking back you don't even know where the week went. 
So here is the thought I want to leave you with today. Something I learned from our training with Steven B. Allen. Member missionary work is the best way to do missionary work. So even though most people reading this are not called as full time missionaries with a nametag, the most important missionary work is done through you. Find ways to share the gospel and invite people to have that eternal joy, peace, and blessings that you have. Why would you not want others to have that? Is fear really going to keep you from sharing something as great as the gospel with others? I just know I want to completely change the kind of member I was when I am back from my mission, because I was awful. Ha ha
I hope you are all still doing awesome out there in the real world with real lives! Love you all!

-Sister Nethercott

Six of us in a taxi... Saves us a little money.

This is what visiting RCLA's turns into. The last cordination meeting they were very firm that this was necessary to bringing them back to church. Sister Her and I thought it was weird. But they insisted. So we went. It is their new business. It felt way good! Ha ha. But after she only had tan makeup and apparently bright pink lipstick is in here! Ha ha Yep the result of visiting RCLA's.
RCLA = Recent Convert, Less Active

Here are the bugs we found in the church yesterday.

วิน getting ready for his baptism! :) We had 3 future priesthood holders get the holy ghost in sacrament yesterday. Thats what the bishop asked for was priesthood holders. I hope he thinks we are delivering!

Elder Curtis being 3 years old again licking the bowl of the pancake batter. It was good because we through in extra vanilla. :) Surprisingly that wasn't my idea either, it was the genious of Elder Hill.

Elder Wolfley broke, or fractured his foot during sports night on Friday. He has to wear a cast for two weeks then he gets his boot.

Apparently there was some new fifa online thing going on at the mall. In the internet cafes that is all they play here! Everyone is so obsessed... Ha ha it never leaves.

This street vendor randomly showed up Friday in front of the church. I hope he comes back because his food was good!

And this is how you get soda here... In a bag. Ha ha I don't get it either. Its so you can have ice. They keep the ice with the ice cream and then they pop open the glass bottle and poor it in the bag. It works though... And soup they keep in bags too with rubberbands and they stay and don't spill... It must be an asian thing. Ha ha
The lovely traffic of Bang Khen

Monday, September 1, 2014

I have a home! Week #13

Ice cream in a hot dog bun.
Being on a mission is so great! It does get pretty repetitive though. I am already struggling with thinking of things to say. Ha ha
We have a few progressing investigators. No baptisms yet. There is a rule that you have to attend sacrament twice before getting baptized or else we could have had one this week. Before church next week we are going to have a baptism with this great investigator. He is already Christian. It is so much easier to teach people who are already Christian because if they accept the restoration then they are set! But teaching people who don't already believe in God it is a little harder because everything is new to them so it takes a lot more explaining and answering questions. So this investigator came to the church to get a Book of Mormon himself and was referred to us. The only problem is he works every single day from 10 to I think 8 or 9. So we have to teach him quick in the mornings. And he can only come to an hour of sacrament before he has to run off to work. So because he works we have to baptize him before church next week. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and that works out! Beyond him we have a lot progressing. The investigator who didn't want to pray until he finished the Book of Mormon said he has been praying now and that he feels good while he does it! That was so great to hear! I see a lot of growth in his testimony. This Sunday he brought his 11 year old brother to church with him. Other than that we have some investigators who seem to like church and the lessons but aren't quite ready for a baptismal date. So hopefully this week some of them will be ready to make that commitment!  

The Elders Baptisms

Pictures with the member Bow. He is a great RC who is hoping to go on a mission. We read the book of mormon with him every week. He is also really good at playing the guitar.

Teaching is great though. I don't always understand what is going on but when I do its way nice. And Sister Her is a great trainer because she always makes sure I get a chance to teach parts of the lesson. And then when I run out of things to say because I don't know it in Thai she just takes over again. Ha ha Its great. Its scary though when we have to split up and I teach with a member! Luckily we have the sweetest girl in our ward who knows quite a bit of English and is able to help me! I hate talking on the phone though. Its so hard to understand a single thing anyone says. And I can't see their face to know if it is a yes or no! Sister Her always makes me contact the numbers I get. I think I am getting just a little bit better at knowing what to say but Sister Her has to take over a lot. Ha ha

Something interesting we did this week was we went to visit an RC. It was a down poor and it took an hour in the taxi to get there! We were expecting maybe a 20 minute drive. Luckily she wanted to feed us which we weren't expecting. But it was fish... Ha ha. And not just normal fish you would eat in the States but a whole cooked fish just sitting on a plate... And she kept giving me more and I kept having to tell her I wasn't hungry! Ha ha. But it didn't taste as gross as I was worried it would. After dinner and our spiritual thought, she took us upstairs to her dance studio! She dressed me and Sister Her up in some fancy traditional Thai outfit... Im not really sure what it was. Ha ha. Then we watched her teach her dance class for a minute before heading out. And like I said, it was a down poor. One of the major roads flooded so there was a ton of traffic! It took us two hours to get home! That was an expensive taxi ride... Oops. We just barely made it home in time for our 9 o'clock curfew.
that is the fish I ate at the members house

All dressed up in traditional Thai

Other than the teaching and the contacting one of the things I like most is our Sunday dinners. We makes spaghetti at the church with the Elders. It kind of feels like Sunday family dinner. One of the members asked us what we were doing when we started cooking and one of the Elders said, "we are making Sunday dinner." The member was like, "what is Sunday dinner?" Ha ha even on Sundays I think they get their dinner from street vendors. Its oddly a lot cheaper than actually cooking your own dinner. And in Bangkok I am not sure what kind of kitchens people even have. Ha ha.

Sunday dinner with the Elders

Sunday with the members. The one with Sister Her and the girl and me, that is Sister May. She is the one who helps me teach!

Now for some things that are still different to me in Thailand... The way they drive... I have gotten over the craziness of cars but the motorcycles freak me out! There will be a dad driving and a mom holding a new born baby side saddling on the back! And I have seen a two year old just standing in between the legs of his driving dad. I don't know if I am ever going to get over that one! Another thing is the size of the malls here! Sister Her lived by mall of America at one point and according to her memory as well as mine, that mall doesn't even compare! I think Energy Solutions Arena mightbe a third of the size of the Central mall here in Bangkhen. Seriously so huge!

The spiritual thought I want to leave you all with this week is about faith. I have been reading in the New Testament about Christ and his ministry. So far I have made it through Mathew. But there are so many stories about faith. It always says and through their faith they were healed. It is on our part and it takes our faith to receive the blessings of Christ. He has promised his blessings to everyone, we just have to have the faith to ask for them. 
Seriously everyone should be studying the scriptures everyday. They are so awesome! If you don't understand them I recommend two things. Either pray and ask for help and understanding from God. Or look at your life. What things are you doing that are preventing you from feeling the spirit to the full capacity you could be. Since I have come on my mission and aligned myself more closely to the will of God and I am living the mission standards which invite the spirit, my understanding of the scriptures has grown immensely. I thought I understood them before, but I can't get enough of them now! Seriously, read the scriptures everyday! :)
Well I hope all of you have had an awesome week! Love you all!

-Sister Nethercott

I told her about an amazing pork roast her dad smoked and this was her reply, "I  already miss American food. Thai food doesn't have much variety. Its like eating a stirfry with a slightly different flavor for every meal... This might be a long year and a half.
And I got your email... Were there more questions? All I remember is Sister Her does not know anyone from El Dorado Hills. And I did make my bed... And the best thing I ate this week... Probably the spaghetti that our district makes on Sundays. Ha ha.... I seriously eat rice and a different kind of meat with it... Its not exciting at all.  I do eat noodles, there just aren't a lot of noodle choices. I ate this dish that is like patsiu this week but it had squid in it. It was actually good. :) " She already says she has gained weight from eating so much rice. which is a good thing!

Tim tam slamming

My New Apartment!
My study desk

I asked her what her laundry situation was and this is what she said "we have a laundry machine... I am not sure how well it works. The fabirc softener did not wash out of my skirts... And then we hang everything to dry. It just kind of shakes everything... Its weird. It doesn't really spin. Ha ha. And yeah it is way nice where we live... But not homey at all. I went on a split to Dong Mueng last week and their place was a lot more homey but not as clean. So I guess its just give and take. But we have a nice gym which I like. Especially because Sister Her likes to run and this way I don't have to run with her.  ha ha"

 A Market Place

 Riding in a taxi. . . ?  No one would drive us to the mission office in asoke! Ha ha

FHE/birthday celebration for brother Bank and Brother Art.

We ran into Brother Art when we used the bathroom at Major where he works. He made us do his fitness thing... I have no idea what it is. Its also all in the metric system. But I guess I need to gain 3 lbs of muscle in my arms?

They have these statues of super heroes at malls and stuff...
If anyone knows Brecklyn, she LOVES Batman! She was jealous when I told her the Batmobiles were in SLC for the Piano Guys new video.

Oh on Wednesday we had to sign something for visas so I got to see everyone in the Bangkok area from my MTC district. That was fun! And really short. 

That is one of the many ice bucket challanges I have seen here.

 Chairball and dodgeball on sports day. 

Me eating/drinking my first real coconut!
Coconut water

 The walk to church
the relief society and priesthood of the BangKhen ward