Monday, September 15, 2014

Bird in the face Week #15

As of this week I have now been on my mission for over 100 days! Its crazy how fast time flies. This week is also transfers! Crazy fast.
Thailand finally got to me and I felt sick for a couple days. Probably something I ate. But other than that, it was a great week! Yeah sorry mom, I didn't use the oils, but I have used them for sunburn and for bugspray! Elder Boonmee gave me his charcoal pills so thats what I used. I just need to pull out the oils and read their uses.
Ok now the second question you asked. Do not bring any other shoes than crocs! Ok that is kind of extreme. I would recommend one walking shoe because I do like mine, one dressy pair for meetings, and then you really only need one pair of crocs. I way over packed on shoes listening to what they told me to pack. My companion sister Her has nearly walked through the bottoms of her one pair of crocs she wears every day. And all of the sisters here have their funny crocs tans because that is literally the only shoes any of the sisters wear. They also buy a pair of sparkly jelly shoes that I haven't gotten yet. So yes, do not over pack the shoe thing. Crocs are also fine for walking in. Your feet get used to it. Also if we are giving advice on packing. Pack light. You can find a lot of the stuff here. Also, for transfers it is way hard to have two huge bags and a carry on, plus a bike. I am going to try and shed a suitcase at some point if it is possible. If you are worried about the weight, put it all in your carry on because they don't actually weigh those. It is a lie! I could've brought all of my snacks after all.
Now the third question. There could be reason to worry about the food or water here. But you just bless it and Heavenly Father takes care of you. If you think about where your food came from at all it disgusts you a ton. But if you just think oh look food and say a prayer then you are ok. Even the Thai people know their water isnt clean enough to drink so they all drink bottled water too. I brush my teeth with the water though. So I don't know? The meat they use just sits out all day and then they cook it and then it sits out and then you buy it. But missionaries here really don't get sick much. Greenies can adjusting to the spice and bacteria. I just had a fever and felt like I was going to throw up. But yeah, its not too much of a concern.
This week we found this cute new investigator. She is going to school here. She stayed at church pretty much all day yesterday so that was awesome! Our other investigators are still progressing great and keeping all of their commitments but just aren't ready for baptism yet. After this week if they still aren't ready, we are going to have to switch something up. Its hard because you don't want to keep bringing it up like it is all you care about. But they don't realize how important it is even if you have told them!
Something fun that I forgot to write home about was that a bird flew into my face! Yeah that was gross. Sister Her freaked out more than I did, I think she better understands how dirty the birds are here. But yeah we were just walking down the street contacting and then bamb there is a bird in my face! Ha ha Another great thing that happens to missionaries here is the topic of conversation. Every conversation either ends with the word poop or it ends with Jesus. Or one conversation will start with one but end with the other. It always comes back to those 2 things. And that is why missionaries come home so awkward from missions. Ha ha
So on that note here is the spiritual thought I am going to share this week. 
It is crazy to see the faith here in Thailand. Elder kanakham from the 70 was at church on Sunday and had a meeting with us missionaries after. It was mentioned in what he was talking to us about how the people in Thailand have such good hearts and great faith. And they really do! We went and visited the relief society president this week. She has only been a member for 3 years and she is the president! So I guess what I want to say is this: It doesn't matter what you know or what you don't know. As long as you believe in Christ and have the desire to follow him, thats all you need. It is that simple. You don't need to get wrapped up in the this and that or the debatable topics of the church. All you need is the faith in Christ to follow him. Faith, its so simple. Don't let your doubts keep you from having faith in the things you know are true. Let your faith drive you.
I love you all! I hope you have had a great week!

-Love Sister Nethercott

Here is the yummy icecream I got to eat. :) I still miss oatmeal cookie batter though.

This was a game that we played for FHE. You get the flour set up like that and put a candy on top. Then you go around the circle and take turns taking part of the flour pile. If it collapses while you do it, you have to eat the candy from the stack using just your face! This is Elder Boonmee's turn. It was hilarious! 

This is a picture of what happens when your waiting for english class to start. You end up helping a Thai member with their spanish homework. You teach them the word in Spanish and they teach it to you in Thai... Kinda gave me a headache. Ha ha

That is a bag of sticky rice that our great new RC วิน gave us.

We used to get yougurt flavored Hi-chews in Japan, they were our FAVORITE! But then they stopped making them several years ago and we were sad. Leave it to Brecklyn to find them! :)

Sister Her & Sister Nethercott in front of the Bang Khen church

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