Monday, April 6, 2015

TEMPLE!! Week #45

Sometimes stubborn pays off.
All I can say is TEMPLE, TEMPLE, TEMPLE!!!!!!! 
But really I can't even remember anything else that happened this week. I am technically emailing from temple grounds right now. I am at the mission office for MLC (Mission Leadership Conference). So P-day is getting cut short. But what would be a better way to cut it short than preparing for this temple!
I still haven't watched conference, that will happen here in Thailand next week. But the news of the temple started spreading last night after us missionaries had all gone to sleep. Some of us didn't even wake up to the phone call (that would include myself even though they called 3 times at 1 in the morning). So I imagine some of you are wondering if we knew before? No! We hoped. I honestly thought they wouldn't announce it until next conference. But we have worked so hard for this temple. It is such a relief to know the work  had paid off! But all it means is we have to redouble our efforts to prepare Thailand for the TEMPLE! 
I guess  one highlight of the week would be this. I am not sure how many of you have seen the movie the other side of heaven but I used it as inspiration. We went and visited one of the relief society counselors to help her feel more involved in what the missionaries were doing and help her feel supported. While at her house we learned she has a husband who is not a member. We invited him to join us when we shared a scripture but he was unwilling. So after sharing the scripture I pulled out my family pictures and showed the relief society counselor. I then walked over to the other side of the room where her husband was trying to hide from the spirit. I showed him a family picture at the temple and talked to him about how grateful I am for an eternal family. After that we were going to leave with a word of prayer. I again invited him to join  and he did! Their little granddaughter they were watching picked me to say the closing prayer. I pretty much just coppied what I learned from the movie The other side of Heaven and I taught the plan of salvation in my prayer. I guess the fact that he came and joined the closing prayer with us was a miracle for  him. I have plans to go back and try and share more of the gospel with him. He has 3 adult kids who are also members of the church. His wife wants to go to the temple. Now that they are building a temple in Thailand maybe we cant get him on board!
Anyway, miracles are still happening here in Thailand. The announcement of the temple is proof of it! I know this church is true!

-Sister Nethercott

Sorry this is all for the week... Not too interesting

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