Sunday, April 12, 2015

Transfers coming Week #46

Hello everyone! Another great week here in Bang Khae... Or Bangkok. I feel like I was barely in my area this week. We had MLC and then we had to go train the different districts I feel like I was in Asoke more than Bang Khae.
So today through Wednesday is a country wide water fight. So things are going to be a little crazy. We have to be home before dark and EVERYONE is out of town. But today we get to go join in some of the water activities so hopefully it will be fun! But doesn't that just prove Thailand is the best country ever! A country wide, week long water fight.  Ha ha
Because of the events that will come this day I don't have much time to write. 
This week we got to watch conference! I love conference! And man was it a more smooth peaceful experience than in the fall. I swear everything just kept distracting and postponing us missionaries from watching conference last fall. But this time, perfect. And the talks were so good! I don't even know where to start. Probably the best part would have to be the announcement of the TEMPLE IN THAILAND!!!!!! Ok I am still really excited about that. Also, it was great hearing an Apostle, Elder Anderson, recognize the stake president of the Bangkok North Stake. He really is a great man and does great things here in Thailand.
To be honest my favorite talk might have been from the Priesthood session given by M. Russell Ballard. Maybe because he spoke to/about missionaries. I guess it was easy for me to see the relation to my life. But I love how he spoke about raising the bar. Also, Elder Kevin W. Pearson's talk about enduring to the end was really good. Because its true, enduring doesn't mean waiting for the end. It means actually applying the gospel and serving others the way Christ would until the end. 
So yes it was a good week here in Thailand. I hope you were all able to watch conference. If not, go back and read it. It is so good! So full of personal revelation for everyone!
I love you all and hope you have a good week!

-Sister Nethercott

 This is going to be our last week together... :(  Maybe if everyone prays really hard, President Senior will receive inspiration to keep us together another transfer.

This house reminds me of villa villa coola on Pippi Longstocking. Ha ha

Mom, look what I found here!!! I've restrained from purchasing but I think giving in will be coming too... But that would also mean starving... Haha
 Do I really serve in Bangkok?

This is how we do conference.

 Sister Rak invited all 8 of us over for dinner on Thursday! It was delicious.

These Young Single Adult Recent Converts help run this branch! They are preparing for missions. They serve as branch missionaries, librarians, YSA activity coordinators and leaders, Sunday school counselor, sacrament- blessers, fellowshippers, home teachers, and still have time to serve in many other ways!

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