Monday, October 5, 2015

Last Transfer! Week #71

Hello Everyone!!!!! 
Well lets just say transfers are never a normal event for me. Late Monday night we got the call and I was moving. It was surprising to me and Sister Brown because we felt opposite. So I packed. I was way stressed out because as missionaries in Thailand, we accumulate things. I couldn't get rid of the stuff I need for another 6 weeks. But luckily it wasn't even stressful at all and it fit nicely in my bags. I don't know why packing was so hard when I moved from Bangkok last time. So lets just say somehow Sister Brown and I found out all the sisters that were staying and moving. We mapped it out who would go where. It was actually an easy proccess this time around. So I pack and say goodbye to the members and Roiet and we get on a bus. I finally fall asleep when our phone rings. It was the APs. Its happened to me enough on my mission to know what the call was about. So I answered. Poor Elder Cooper sounded really scared. He asked how saying goodbye in Roiet went and then told me I wouldn't be moving but that Sister Brown would be moving instead. We were already halfway to Bangkok. So we had to just finish the trip down. But because the AP felt bad, I tricked him into giving me information about transfers and where Sister Brown would be going and who my new companion would be. So I didn't know the actual place or the actual people but we had a good idea. I did however get him to confess my guess was right. I was supposed to die in Asoke with Sister Alley. I'm a little bumbed that isn't happening. But I am also way excited because I love Roiet and I get to be with Sister Larson!
Transfer meeting is so fun. I am going to miss it. We stayed with Sister Mamea in Chaeng Wattana. I actually made it all the way to transfer meeting without having to take the tire off my bike. So I convinced Sister Jo to ride our bikes to transfer meeting and we sent Sister Herrmann and Sister Brown in the taxi with all our stuff. Then I got to see all my friends. It was good. We got Que Pasa which was also good. :) I don't know just watch the video... Transfers can't be explained in words. Ha ha
So coming back to Roiet was fun. We had SO much luggage but luckily 8 missionaries going back. Sister Brown had to drag her companion back so she could pack her stuff. I ended up just leaving a suitcase behind in Asoke with Sister Alley so we wouldn't have to deal with it. Good thing too, we could barely fit the amount of stuff on the bus as it was. Bikes just take up so much space! Luckily all of the members seemed happy I was staying. Although the relief society president thought it was weird to see me without Sister Brown. We white washed in together so the members really saw us as one instead of individuals. But they welcomed me back. The bishop even said thanks for coming back. Ha ha They are way excited that I die here too. Its funny. The Thai people love their greenies and dying missionaries.
So at least from this experience one thing I was able to learn is President Senior wasn't out to get me. Its really just God that always changes his mind about where I go last minute when it comes to transfers. It almost makes me wonder if the Apostles went through that when they assigned my call.
I bet you are all on a spiritual high from conference already. Unfortunatley I have to wait until this next weekend. I am so excited for it though! From the things I have heard it sounds so good! I hope you all watched it. If not, it is never too late. people.
As I was reading through the Book of Mormon today, I was in the story of Helaman's army. I love reading this story because those men were so... good. They were obedient and firm. But the quality that really shows is their faith. After one of the battles they gathered the injured and not a single son of Helaman was killed. There were at least 1,000 Nephite men killed in that battle. The other men who fought in the battle questioned why so many men died but not a single one from Helaman's army. They concluded it was their faith. They never doubted that God would protect them. It wasn't their skill that perserved their lives. It was their faith and Heavenly Father. I know that as we have faith to accomplish things that are good in our life, Heavenly Father will help us. It is only up to us to not doubt. I want to invite all of you to continue holding out faithful and to never doubt. As you do so, miracles can and will happen. 
I love you all! I hope you had a great week!

-Sister Nethercott

Sorry out of time! Also, I didn't take many pictures anyways.... Maybe just check Sister Herrmann's blog and get hers. Ha ha She is the one who owns the selfie stick.

This must be how she was going to transfer. This is the 3rd (or 4th?) time she was told she was or wasn't transferring and it ended up being the opposite. 

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