Monday, September 28, 2015

Awesomeodd and awesome baptisms! Week #70

Hello everyone!
This was a great week! We had 2 switchoffs but we made everyone come to our area for a change. Ha ha I got to switch off with Sister Herrmann! It was way fun. We went LA hunting and tracked down all these addresses with the help of the post office workers. They have this big book of old addresses with the new ones. All of the church reccords have the old addresses so that was way helpful! 
The other I switch off I got to go on was with Sister T. She is Sister Zoller's ลูก... Sister Z trained her. But that was forever ago now. She is such a good missionary. I was way impressed. I felt bad too because all of our plans fell through so it wasn't all that great of a day. She stayed happy and worked hard through all of it. While having to make a ton of phone calls to confirm plans for their baptism the next day.
This week we made a trip out to Awesomeodd (I really have no idea how to spell it). That is the area out 30 kilos where all of our investigators live these days. The people out there are so prepared and ready to hear the gospel. 
This week we had 3 of our investigators get baptized! They are adorable. Two of them are 14 and one is nine. At first we didn't give them much attention because normally kids that age will come for a bit and then leave and never hold out til their baptism. But these kids proved it hard core. Their grandpa died the day of their baptism and their mom called and said they couldn't come. She wouldn't explain why so we were a little hard on her and told her this was the most important day in the world. Then we talked to one of the 14 year olds and she told us she would find a way to get to church. They came a little late but due to the circumstances of a dead grandpa I think thats ok. They showed so much faith coming to church and putting that first before anything else. After their testimonies were super cute. All about being happy because they were baptized and knowing God lives and that they will keep his commandments. 
This has really been a great transfer. Our whole zone got balanced every week! That is crazy and I am pretty sure unheard of. The missionaries in the Roiet zone are just so full of faith and hard work. I've loved every moment of it. Yesterday alone, our zone had 19 baptisms split between just 4 areas (2 of which are one district). The miracles are just pouring down. 
This is the scripture I want to share for this week. I feel it is approriate with what is happening.
"And because he hath done this, my beloved brethren, have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men." -Moroni 7: 29
I know that God was, is and always will be a God of miracles. The miracles come in accordance to our faith. If you are wondering where the miracles are around you, either open your eyes or check the level of your faith. If you need more faith, pray and read your scriptures. Nothing else can help more than those 2 simple steps. 
I hope you have all had a great week! Love you!

-Sister Nethercott

 Tioing last Monday

 More Tioing


 Look how cool this fish is! Ha ha it was in a tank at an LAs shop

 More rice fields... Back out 30 kilos. I love biking out to Awesomeodd (I don't know how to spell it but that is how you say it). There are always so many miracles!

Ha ha can I just say cute?


 Baptism!!!!! The fruits of Awesomeodd.

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