Monday, September 21, 2015

Nothing to do but have fun. Week #69

Sorry no updates last week. We just had MLC and did some trainings. I got to go train in Galasin! Its been a dream of mine to go there since that is where my trainer moved from when training me. Its really not nearly as small as people make it sound. I would almost argue Roiet is smaller. MLC was way good though. Some really good missonaries have been called to leadership. It was probably my favorite meeting. Its great to see that all these strong fiery passionate personalities can sit down in the same room and be unified together in the work of the Lord. Even if they all do missionary work differently, that room was full of love and respect. It was awesome.
This week was zone conference and it was so fun! We got to go to Ubon. Because Sister Brown and I are always leaving our area, we were smart enough to take our bikes. She got to show me around and we attempted to visit some RCs. It was fun! The best part might have been the food. They have some really good farrang (foreigener) food there.
The actual zone conference was way good. We got to learn how to make plans and processes through triangleception. We learned all about diligence. I way loved it. The night before the meeting, we had a game night with the missionaries. I don't think we have ever just had fun as missionaried before unless you figure it out on a Pday. It actually felt really weird the whole time. Just sitting down and having fun. Ha ha Before it started Sister Browna and I kept going around asking for projects or ways we could help. There weren't any. We didn't even know what to do with ourselves. It was so funny.
After the trip to Ubon, we had a lot of work to do in our area. We are working with these young kids and their families that live 30 kilos away. Its always so hard because we feel way bad making members drive us out there all the time. But if we ride our bikes it gets dark before we can come home because they can't meet til they are home from school. Then it is dangerous and the members get mad at us. I think we've finally figured out a system though. We are going to try it out this week. I just hope that the distance isn't what stops these people from progressing and acting on their faith to grow it even more. What they really need is baptism and the gift of the holy ghost! Two of the kids should for sure be getting baptized this Sunday though so I am super excited for them. They got to watch 4 of the Elders investigators get baptized yesterday and they looked up at us with pleading eyes asking, "Thats us next week right?" These kids just have so much faith its amazing!
I forgot to mention that at zone conference, I gave what we call a จบing testimony. It kind of translates to: your home the next time we have a zone conference (which still happens before the group that goes home right after us is done) so we need you to bare your testimony. It was kind of weird. My whole mission that day always seemed so far away. And then it was there and I had to stand up and say my final words. (Am I really that close to going home?) It was fun because Sister Brown and Sister Herrmann both got to be there and give their testimonies too. 
I love being a missionary. I love being able to proclaim the truth to everyone around me at all times. I hope that all of you have a chance this week to stand for truth and righteousness!
Love you all!

-Sister Nethercott

 This is how we have district meeting... Ha ha The progressive position changes.

 The Ubon tour. Sister Brown's food lady missed her. She was so excited to see her she got up and gave her a big hug.

 Zone conference!

 Late bus rides get weird....

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