Monday, September 7, 2015

Future Ward split and a Goldfish Funeral! Week #67

Another great week here in Roiet. Although I can't seem to remember much of what happened. We taught a lot of people. Sometimes teaching in Roiet feels like it takes more time because you have to bike all over everywhere to get to peoples houses. But its way fun!
This week we went on a switch off to Mahasarakham. I went with Sister Olsen. She is super cute and such a good and humble missionary. It was funny. The night we got there they opened the house for us and said they had to go buy some food for breakfast. So we were in their house alone. We noticed this pet fish sitting on the counter. Totally against the rules. Ha ha Sister Brown and I just looked at each other like, "Are we supposed to do something about this?" So we started make jokes about how we just kill it. But I promise we didn't even touch it. The next morning I am studying with Sister Olsen when Sister T walks in and says,"Puk (thats its name) died." She had black on and everything. She made this pretty little box and dug a hole in the front yard. We had a little funeral service and sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again. Sister T said that what happened was she prayed to be more obedient and that was God's way of helping her. Ha ha it was pretty funny.
Then we got to get sandwiches from this man from the Netherlands. He has Dutch cheese! Its crazy how much I miss cheese out here! He had us taste that and then the factory cheese. Factory cheese tastes like plastic. Then he gave us free brownies. He is seriously the nicest man. I think he probably spends more on his ingredients than makes from his food. I think he really just works to make people happy. Seeing others happy is what brings him joy. I wish more people in this world could be like him.
Sunday was nearly amazing. I haven't felt that overwhelmed since I was a greenie. When you first get into country its hard to handle everyone that needs you and how many places your needed at once. After being a missionary for a while it becomes second nature. We have been working really hard to bring back LAs and help the attendance at church. Well we are seeing the fruits of our labors. SO MANY PEOPLE WERE AT CHURCH ON SUNDAY!!! Our goal is to get to 201. Its been increasing at least 10 each week this whole transfer. I think by the end of the transfer, at the very least we will hit the goal President is expecting in order to split the ward! MIRACLES!
I want everyone to know that I know this is Gods true church on this earth. Through taking the necessary steps such as baptism and keeping the commandments and partaking of the sacrament weekly, that is the only way to receive exaltation. I know the blessings that the gospel can bring people in life. I have seen it time and time again. I personally have felt the joy of repentance. I have seen the life come back to those who seem to have no hope the moment they start repenting. When life gets too overwhelming, put God first. Use Christs atonement. Get on your knees and pray. Read your scriptures. And never stop going to church. That is the biggest mistake you can make.
I love you all! I hope all of you are doing great!

-Sister Nethercott
This is their forbidden fish. It conveniently died while we were there. Ha ha 

 We went to Mahasarakham for a switch off. And that is my new best friend in Mahasarakham sister Nog!
Biking through the water. Sister Brown got stuck in the mud. Ha ha

 This is what we did today... 

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