Monday, October 19, 2015

The longest and yet fastest week of my life! Week 73

I think this may have been the longest and yet fastest week of my life. So much happened. 
Monday night we left on a bus to Bangkok. Unfortunately all the nice ones were sold out. So we didn't sleep much. Then on Tuesday we had MLC. It was good. Elder Funk from the 70 was there. We got to go to Lumpini park and read the dedicatory prayer (something I wanted to do my whole mission but had never gotten the chance). I love MLC. I love the passion for the work that comes from all the missionaries. Its so good. We also had a testimony meeting which was a first. The strength of the testimonies in the mission is so firm. It was a really cool experience. After that we got to eat Carls Jr. So good. Its the only one in Thailand. (At least where us missionaries can go, I don't know about the south). We also got new phones! They are so nice, I don't even know how to work it.... Its a struggle.
Then on Wednesday morning we trained Mahasarakham, Galasin and Roiet. After that we headed on a Bus to Korat and trained there. That was rushed a bit so that we could make the bus we were all taking to Khon Kaen. The whole Issan gathered there in Khon Kaen for mission tour. It was really good. Its still a little weird to me to go back into Khon Kaen. Its like I know my way around but its not home or anything. Anyways after that we got on another bus back to Roiet. Thursday night we layed down in bed and realized it had been since Sunday night since we had slept there. It was a busy week. And that left us the weekend to work in our area (which seems to be the usual trend since I have moved to Roiet). Ha ha
Saturday we had this huge youth conference/activity in Roiet. All the youth from the Ubon zone were here. We had to take them contacting. There was probably 10 people for every 1 person. Roiet is a pretty small town. Ha ha It was kinda funny.
Something exciting going on in Roiet is this video thing they are doing. I honestly still don't really know what it is. There are farrang men here from Salt Lake making some training videos for the church. World wide. I don't know why they picked Roiet. I mean they have really good affective meetings. But still out of the whole world what made them choose this tiny place? What I learned yesterday talking to them is that I can't have a normal english conversation anymore. We kept accidently throwing in Thai and were just awkward in general. Also, I've forgotten what good ol' American humor is like. They are going to be here all week.
Something I want to share this week is what I learned from mission tour. President Johnson did an object lesson about obedience for us. He took clean drinking water and put in just a tiny bit of khlong water (Which is the river that runs through Bangkok/all of Thailand and pretty much is like an open sewer) in with the clean water. Yeah you definitely don't want to drink that unless you are trying to die or something. This applies to more than just obedience with the mission. Its the same with all sin. Even if you are just doing little things that aren't in line with God's commandments, you are still not clean. But thats ok because there is the atonement and repentance. If there is any khlong water in your drinking water, its never too late or there is never too much that the atonement can't cover it. Try to think of something this week in your lives whether its a bucket of khlong water or just a drop that you can apply the atonement and change.
I love you all so much! I hope you all have a great week! 

-Sister Nethercott


 Mission tour... 

 Our district! :)
 Our family picture. My ลูก with Elder Taylor's ลูกs.... Ok so the way it works is if you train you are the mom or the dad. Then the oldest sister is the mom for elders. So Elder Taylor and I have a ลูก (child) from Bang Khae. Plus my child. Plus the new ลูก from Roiet. And then the grandkid from the child in Bang Khae.... And yeah family mission trees.... Good stuff. Ha ha

 The youth activity. Serving members and contacting.

 Our day finally back in our area.

 They were getting really excited about this camera. Its film... I don't know that much about this stuff. All I know is they took a picture of me and Sister Larson with this camera and apparently those pictures cost 20 dollars a picture!!! Crazy!

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