Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We ate some bugs and ... other things Week #72

Hello everyone! It was another super fun week here on the Lord's mission!
This week we went on a switch off to Korat! That was so much fun. I've always loved Korat. Since the first time all I did was drive past it in a bus. We got to visit people and teach LAs. I got to get a coconut and cut it open. (Something I really wanted to do before going home). I got bit by a dog (something I did not want to do before going home). But it didn't break the skin or anything so no problems. The dogs in Korat are mean though. I love just being able to bike all over a city and show up at peoples houses and just help them feel God's love.
District meeting this week we ate some bugs. It was the greenie Elder Christianson's first district meeting. So Sister Larson and I thought it would be fun to go to the morning market and buy a good snack for the district to share. The flavor wasn't bad at all. It was just the thought of what we were eating. Along with that, after getting back from the switch off in Korat, we found the Elders crowded around this cooked lizard. They had been trying to catch that thing for weeks with no success. Until this week. They caught it and killed it and gave it to Maa Jambi. She cooked it up just like chicken. To be honest it was pretty good. But I've always wanted a pet lizard so it made me to sad to eat so I only took one bite. 
The highlight of the week was definitley conference! It was way good! I feel like they are getting more clear and clear in explaining to us what is right and what is wrong. If any of you know me I bet it is an easy guess for you to what my favorite talk was. Elder Nelson. It was nice to hear that women's input is important. Sometimes I feel like the church can get the idea that you are either supposed to be fighting for the priesthood or sitting quietly in the corner. There is a better way and Elder Nelson did a good job explaining that.
The work in Thailand is moving forward. I am so grateful that I get to be a part of it. I am excited to see what things are coming with this next week. We have the longest MLC of my life planned for tomorrow and then mission tour with Elder Funk a couple days after. This means there will be another week with no time in my area. But I am starting to think if I spent a full week in my area I'd get bored and not know what to do with all of the time. Ha ha what a dream it would be to actually work in my area....
I want to invite all of you to go back and look at your notes or high lights of conference. Maybe even read it or watch it through again. Pick one thing you are going to do to change or apply the teachings in your life. I can't remember who said it but I loved when one of the speakers talked about praying and asking Heavenly Father what it is that is keeping you from progressing. I know that I am going to strive and do that and make the changes I need to to improve in whatever way the Lord wants me to.
I love you all! Hope you had a great week!

-Sister Nethercott

 We decided to try some new food from the market. The flavor really wasn't bad.  
It was just the thought.

 This is the house of the LA that we visited where we cut down the coconut. Its literally like a treehouse. They really don't have much and yet I am way jealous. Its cool.
 I got to get a coconut and cut it open! So fun! Yay for the switch off to Korat!

The Elders caught a big lizard outside of their house. They gave it to Maa Jambi to cook it up for them. It honestly tasted just like the chicken they sell on the streets here. Which means A) It was actually pretty tasty and B) I am now questioning the chicken I eat off the streets.

 Sister Larson getting some good directions to an LA.
 One of the shops an LA owns... Its a problem.
 Conference... Lets just say our district is a little ADD Ha ha

And our RC Brother Gade's grandpa died at the age of 91.

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