Monday, July 13, 2015

Transferred to Roi Et Week #59

Hello everyone! Crazy week here. I am now in Roi Et 101. It was weird because I knew I was coming here. People asked where I was moving before and I just started answering Roi Et. Good thing I actually got moved out here, or else I would have been a liar. The unexpected part is.... Sister Brown is my companion! No one saw that coming. But so far it has been so fun! Its crazy to think it has already been a year since we became companions back in the MTC. Time has flown by so fast! Being companions again just feels like we got put with our friend. So much has happened in the last year to catch up on. Its been fun.
Transfers was really fun too! President Johnson didn't change a single thing. He said he was excited to finally come to one of the transfer meetings. Maybe tradition will live on after all! I also got to see my friends who I felt like I haven't seen for ever! Oh and Sister Belnap is opening back up Khon Kaen! Crazy. So much happened this transfer.
So one of the things I am quickly learning about Roi Et is how amazing the members are! This place is almost perfect. They just became a ward when Ubon became a stake. They were ready for it. Every single member is so willing to help here. All they want to do is serve. They see missionary work as the most important thing and take it so seriously. If someone is released from the branch presidency, their calling is ward missionary. Its so so nice! There is this adorable older woman who is a widow. She visited houses with us all day. She was then going to go with us to teach an investigator at their house that evening. With the free hour in between she entered the church and said, "I'll be waiting in here. You go out on that street and contact some people. Bring them in here and we will teach them." Seriously its so perfect. Maybe someone got word I was killing myself in Bang Khae trying to help prepare it to become a ward. Or maybe I already died and have found heaven. I am so excited to be serving in this area. (Although I'll admit I have been home sick for Bang Khae already). 
This transfer is going to fly by so quick. We are the STL's over both Udon and Roi Et zones. That means a lot of switch offs. Not to mention the 2 MLCs we will be having this transfer. And biggest news of all.... Elder Holland is coming at the end of this transfer!!! I honestly couldn't have dreamed up a better mission experience for myself than the one I am living. I love serving the Lord. Nothing will ever bring so much joy!
While personally studying this morning I ready the book of Enos. It is so good and packed full of so many truths and lessons. If you have about 5 minutes I recommend reading it. I love his concern for the welfare of his brethren. He is so full of faith. His faith was so unshakable that even we are recieving the blessings from it. Enos asked the Lord after recieving forgiveness from his sins, "How is this done?" And the Lord answers and says, "It is done because of your faith."
I know that if we have the faith, we will see things we couldn't have imagined happen in our lives. I invite all of you to have that unshakable faith and trust in the Lord. 
I hope you have all had a great week! Love you!

-Sister Nethercott
 Back with my old/new companion from the MTC

 Last couple days in Bang Khae :(

 Saying goodbye to my ลูก (child)
 My old (or is it my new?) companion
 I live in Roi Et and it is definitely NOT Bangkok

 The scenery here... Its crazy beautiful!

  First day in 101 visiting some houses, friends, and family of a member

 The members that took us around

 The church
 Went to teach our investigator at their house.

 A ward activity. Every thing was built around food. My kind of activity.
 The different groups made temples our of sticky rice!

 Around Roi Et

 I love white washing to Sister Alley's area (or just moving in in general. P-log was great too.)

 Contacting at the park

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