Monday, June 29, 2015

Wore through my shoes Week #56

Hello everyone! Finally a full week in Bang Khae. The only one I will be getting this transfer. Its good though. It teaches you how to work really hard because you have to make up for lost time. 
This month is a little harder in the work. A lot of the missionaries felt it last month. Somehow we dodged it last month but are feeling it this time around. We keep finding great golden people and then all of a sudden you get the response, "I can't get baptized". Various reasons too. It gets a little frustrating sometimes. All you want is for these people to be able to make it to the celestial kingdom. Baptism is the only way that can be done!
This week we took some time and tried to find some less actives. Fortunately, the elders quorum president here is always willing to help serve the missionaries. We would have never found the houses without him! Now we can start making plans and setting up a system for the missionaries here to visit these people and help them remember what God's love feels like. The best way to feel of that love is by keeping His commandments. One of which happens to be going to church.
Rainy season is definitely starting back up again. Its nice because its not so hot, but it also makes contacting and walking home at night a little more difficult. Ha ha Thai people are so afraid of the rain! If it look like it might rain, they won't leave their house. If it is raining they will do whatever it takes to stay under a roof. Thailand also doesn't really have different levels of rain. Its mostly just either a) not raining or b) pouring down cats and dogs. Its fun though!
Oh I have also officially walked through my crocs! I should've brought just 2 pairs of these crocs with me. No other shoes necessary out here! Bad timing too because as I just said, rainy season is starting! Ha ha its ok though because I have duct tape. I fixed them up this morning and now they are just like new!
Sorry this week was pretty uneventful. Not much to talk about!
As I was studying this morning during personal study I read this scripture that I want to share with everyone today. It is 2 Nephi 22:2
" Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation."
Also, something else I have learned in studies this week is that when you read the bible, the book of mormon makes a lot more sense. Or at least in 2 Nephi with the Isaiah chapters. I should have given the old testament a try sooner! 
Well I hope you all had a great week! Love you!

-Sister Nethercott

Can we get this for our backyard? Its nice!

 Elder Liaga saving the birdie that flew over the fence. I think he kind of looks like Samuel the Lamanite
 My ลูก's (child) first time getting drenched in the rain.
 A cool wat we passed searching for LAs. (less active's)

My favorite thing to eat here these days! Its something I learned from Sister Morgan.

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