Monday, June 8, 2015

Busy year mark! Week #54

What a crazy week! We started by going to the watermarket last Monday. That was pretty cool!  Then Wednesday we had MLC. After that, I got to do zone trainings. This new transfer there isn't an STL over the east zone. Both Sister Herrmann and I are over the west zone. So they asked us to be over both zones. We went to a lot of trainings. I didn't get back to my area until Saturday. Then we had to work really hard to make up for all of the time we spent out of our area. But let me tell you, the Lord blesses you when you are fulfilling your calling. We saw so many blessings and miracles while teaching and inviting this week! It was great!
This next week I will be going to 2 zone conferences so it will be another week with not too much time spent in my area. I hope that as we work hard while we are here, we will be able to meet the goals that have been set!
So much is going on preparing for the new mission president. President Senior wants to make sure everything thing is organized and ready for him to come in on a clean slate. We are going back to the basics and making sure everything we do is exactly inline with the white handbook. This means a lot of rules were made and clarified. President Johnson will be able to come in and make the decisions and changes that he wants to without having to be the bad guy. The good news is, riding elephants was not banned. The only problem is, you have to have an elephant in your area if you want to ride it. We are no longer allowed to leave our area for p-day adventures. It will be good though. Everything is going to be so ready for a smooth transition to the new president. 
In MLC we learned about spiritual traction. We referred back to the talk given by Elder Bednar with the truck and the new mormon message that goes with it. Now that Thailand has had a temple announced, the work has gotten harder. We are doing all that we can to fight the adversary and prepare for the temple. Satan is doing all that he can to stop the Lords work. Spiritual traction is necessary though. We don't learn or grow with out it. We need to learn how to deal with hard things to prepare for the even harder things that are to come. If we have faith and rely on Christ, we will be able to over come the trials that we will face. We just need to remain hopeful through our hard times and remember if we are just saved and the trial stops, what good will we learn. 
I hope all of you will remain faithful in Christ no matter what trial may come your way.
I love you all! 

-Sister Nethercott

 Water market

 Yummy food! 
 Super fun! Really hot you can see the sweat on my face! Ha ha

 We rode a boat! We were so fat I thought it was going to sink! The water kept trying to come up over the edge!

 MLC and trainings. I think President Senior looks a little different these days...
(In case you didn't get the reference to Pres Senior looking different... That is his suite coat with his nametag still on it.)
 I got to spend the whole day of my year mark with Sister Herrmann! Super fun! We got coldstone... expensive!

 Scenic views :)

At Asoke Meetinghouse

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