Monday, March 9, 2015

So, I lied. Week #41

Hello Everyone! Ok this week will be backwards from regular format. Scripture first. Mormon 9:9 says, 
"For do we not read that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and in him there is no variableness neither shadow of changing?"
Well I learned this first hand this week. Another fun adventure of white washing out of an area and learning at transfer meeting I was doing it. Let me start from the beginning.
So we got our transfer calls early on Monday. I was supposed to be staying in P-lok where I loved it and was so happy. It is such a great place. So we got Sister Morgan all packed up and said her goodbyes to everyone. As we said goodbyes to our investigators we told them they need not worry because even though Sister Morgan was leaving, we promised I would stay and have a new friend with me. Oops that turned into a lie.
So Wednesday evening we get on our bus for the 6 hour ride to Bangkok. We got in around one in the morning and headed to Bang Khen to stay the night. Which was my greenie area and my Ma was there. She had come back from Laos because she has now finished her mission. So we were back in our old apartment together. It was fun. Too much fun... Ha ha we stayed up the whole night catching up and talking. I hadn't seen her since we unknowingly whitewashed out of my greenie area. There was a lot to talk about. So when we realized it was 6 in the morning we just showered and got ready for the day.
So I arrive at the church for transfer meetings and all of my friends are in the training meeting. (Yay they are all training and will be boss at it!) So the meeting ends and I walk in the room to give them hugs and see how they are. The APs see me and say oh your Sister Nethercott. Will you come here and talk to us for a minute. They pull me aside and ask, "are you moving." I get a big smile on my face and say, "No I get to stay in P-lok. I love P-lok!" and they say, "Actually your moving. So your gonna have to go back and pack your stuff." My eyes nearly teared up. I just pointed at them and said, "Your lying. Tell me your lying." They just said, "Sorry." 
Leaving P-lok
This is how I learned God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is not going to allow me to have a normal transfer meeting. So the meeting starts and suddenly I am a lot more interested in the moves that are happening. Ha ha. Now I am with Sister Belnap in Bang Khae. So far its been great. Although I haven't been here very long. When I sat down next to my new comp the first thing I said is, "Sorry I didn't know I was moving so we have to take a 6 hour bus ride to go pick up my stuff." She is so great though. She didn't even need to go home and pack an overnight bag. We just went straight up to P-lok after transfers. She has only been in Bangkok because she just finished her greenie transfer. I guess it was fun for her to see more of Thailand. I made sure she got to ride a bike and eat Kow Soy (a northern Thai food) before we came back. Ha ha So this week on Wednesday, I took a 6 hour bus to Bankok, Thursday a 6 hour bus to P-lok, Friday a 6 hour train to Bangkok. So it was a long week of traveling. I wasn't actually in my area until Saturday around lunch time. But so far the area is great! I really like it. 
I guess in a sense its better to leave Pitsanolok while I still loved it. Maybe if I would've stayed my opinion would've changed. And its been fun being back in the city. Its weird, I don't really feel like I am in Thailand unless I am in Bangkok. But I haven't worked as a missionary in the city since I was a greenie. So it will be fun to see what I remember and see what new things I've learned that I can apply. I am going to miss my ma, Sister Her though (not that I have been able to see or talk to her since we were companions). She was such a good missionary! I am proud of the things she accomplished here and the differences she has made. Especially the differences she made with me and the missionary I am. And she was the first sister missionary in Laos. It has now closed again for sisters and her companion is back working here in Thailand again. She is so good!
So yes, it was a very eventful week. I can't believe it was less then a week ago I was in P-lok teaching with Sister Morgan. But I am excited for this transfer. I think a lot of good things are going to happen! 
I hope you have all had a great week. Love you!

-Sister Nethercott

 Our favorite place to eat in P-lok
 Sister Alley taking on the challenge (large pizza, slamming a pack of tim tams, liter of milk, and earthquake (8 scoops of ice cream) from Swenson's). She conquered!

 The after math of her challenge... She died. Ha ha

 Saying goodbye to my ma at transfer meeting!

 My new companion at Que Pasa.
 We had 5 people and 4 bikes in P-lok. Luckily Sister Alley had a seat on back! Fun!

 My last Kow Soy in P-lok
 the cake one of the members bought for a goodbye. :)

 The view from the train ride. Pretty!

 The church here is like a temple. I feel like I am in America at it!

The church even has sprinklers!
 A pic of the area.
 Our view from the apartment
 And our kitchen sink
Some pics of the house. Ignore the mess... We were traveling a lot. 

 More pics of the house and the area

 It seems like a really good area so far.

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