Monday, February 9, 2015

Still working hard! Week #37

Ok I am keeping this pretty short because a member is taking us somewhere today. I am not exactly sure where, but I think maybe more waterfalls. Ha ha
So this week was really great! We were able to get a lot of new investigators. They all seem to be potentially strong investigators too. I am really excited about them. I just hope the investigator we have been working with since coming here to P-lok will progress, He was supposed to get baptized this week but decided to go to Bangkok instead... But thats ok. Right now we are teaching quite a few men. It makes me really hopeful we can get more priesthood holders to help out in this branch! They couldn't function without Elders right now. Our DL is in the branch presidency. So hopefully God has prepared these men to come learn, gain a testimony, get baptized, and help the branch! 
So this week was just a lot of teaching and in our spare moments we'd get some contacting in. So it was pretty busy!
We have been working hard and seeing some miracles here from it! I hope we can keep up with the pace the Lord has set. We are now supposed to get 2 part member family lessons in each week. This is a little harder because a lot of the members have already tried to share the gospel with their families are seem a little scared to try again. So please pray for the hearts of the families to be open and accepting of the gospel! The gospel is centered around families, not just individuals so we need their families to come to know the Savior too!
This week we had zone training. It sounds like they are cutting down a little. Sorry that the facebook page was banned. But hey, now I can actually surprise you when I move and you won't already know where I am! Ha ha
I have been reading the Thai Book of Mormon side by side with the English. This week I was reading in Mosiah. I never realized how much I love King Benjamin. I would recommend everyone to go read his words. He has such a strong testimony, knowledge, and understanding of the Savior. Which is kind of crazy when you consider the fact Christ hadn't even come to the earth yet. What a great example of faith. I just want to emphasize what is said in Mosiah 5. Only through Christ can our sins and our transgressions be blotted out. We must take upon ourselves His name to be seated at the right hand of God. This doesn't just mean when we are baptized we are done because we have taken upon ourselves His name. It means everyday we should be relying on Christ and His atonement. We should be progressing to be perfect even as He was perfect. We don't have to perfect in all things. Pick something today and start there. Through Christ we are able to overcome all. Lean on Him.
I hope you all have a good week! Love you!

-Sister Nethercott

 Last P-day

 This waterfall looks bigger in person than in pictures. Ha  ha

 Just SOME of the creepy knick knacks in our apartment as you requested mother. :)

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