Monday, February 16, 2015

Elephants and the Glories of Heaven Week #38

If anyone knows Brecklyn, it has been a dream/bucket list item of hers to ride an elephant. One of the things she was looking forward to most about going to Thailand. This letter makes me so sad for her, but amazed at her understanding at the same time!

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a good week! It was a great one here in P-Lok. 
For my letter this week I am just going to share what we call here a เบรียบเทียบ (briabtiab: it kind of means comparison). This comes from my activities of last p-day. So we went on an adventure with the members... Surprise, we got to visit elephants!!!
Here is my understanding of the kingdoms of glory in Heaven.
1. Outer darkness: not even knowing elephants exist
2. Telestial Kingdom: being able to see elephants
3. Terrestial Kingdom: being with elephants and getting to sit on an elephant
4. Celestial Kingdom: Riding an elephant
So we go and visit the elephants. Next thing I know, we get to ride them! So as someone is getting on they ask me to take some pictures. Well before I know it, I turn around and everyone has already claimed their elephant and they are climbing on. Turns out, there weren't enough elephants for everyone to ride. So they handed me a rope connected to this elephant and said, "she is too old to ride. But you can walk her." So last week, I got to experience my version of the Terrestial Kingdom. Ha ha You are happy because clearly being with the elephants is better than not. But you can see everyone else having the joy of riding the elephants in front of you. Honestly, (yes this is very childish of me) I wanted to cry a little watching everyone live my dream right in front of me. It just made me think about making it to the Terrestial Kingdom. You're so close and you know there is something so much better than what you have. Yet you are just short of obtaining it. Ha ha I know kind of silly and a very missionary thought process. Now I am over it and I just laugh at the fact I got to walk an elephant through the forest in Thailand on a leash. Ha ha But it really got me thinking. The atonement is such an important thing in our lives. We need to make sure that we are repenting and applying it. I never want that feeling of walking instead of riding again. And that in comparison to eternal glory is nothing. So because I love all of you, I guess I am calling all of you to repentance! ha ha I am so grateful for the blessing and the gift of repentance in my life. I know I am not even close to being perfect, but that doesn't matter if I am trying to improve each day. I can improve and progress only through the atonement of Jesus Christ my Savior. 
That is my "comparison" for you all today.
Beyond that, this week we had two miracles of baptism! Sister Mate (with a silent t) and brother Brasit got baptized yesterday! They are both so good and solid. They were so open and accepting of everything we taught. I know the Lord has been preparing them. I am just lucky to have played a part in His work.

I hope this week you all enjoy yourselves in whatever life brings you!

-Sister Nethercott
The baptism!
 The waterfall

 More elephants and our ride there. Actually that is us hiding. They like to over charge farrangs to see the sites and the members bought the tickets so they had us hide. Ha ha
 Me with the elephants!

Here is me walking my elephant... It was actually really annoying. It kept stopping to eat the trees. Then he'd rip the trees out of the ground and whack me in the face with them. ha ha

 Part of my P-day adventure

 The primary activity. There were 2 kids.... But they made this yummy treat! Ha ha

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