Sunday, February 1, 2015

A baptism in P-lok! Week #36

Hello everyone! It's been a great week here in P-lok! 
I guess I will start with the exciting news of the week... We had a baptism! Fluke is so great. We met him our first Saturday here. He had already downloaded the gospel library app on his phone. I guess he was looking into different churches. He described what he felt sitting in sacrament like this, "buub (touches the back of his head) it felt good." He was really prepared. It was funny, before the baptism we took the picture and he didn't like it. We said, "no you look perfect." And he said, "no not yet." And nodded toward the font. It was funny. Great guy. It was also pretty special because Guitar who baptized him had just gotten the priesthood that day. It was only his 4th week at church! But he did it so perfectly. He was so nervous before it was cute. But he was excited. Its pretty special he got to use the priesthood the very day he got it.
This week consisted of a lot of contacting trying to get an investigator pool started up. We got the missionaries kicked out of central for good (good thing it is a little farther away). Ha ha But we were able to get a lot of numbers this week so hopefully some of them are actually interested. Sister Morgan and I are starting to get a handle on the new area and how it works here. It is a really good area though. Really pretty and also really hot! The best part is, the hot season hasn't even begun. Ha ha
Well I don't have much time because we are heading to some waterfalls today! But I want to leave a spiritual thought. Today I studied the section in PMG about praying often. Phaadii wa, Sister Morgan studied the section in Recognizing the Spirit on prayer. Made for a good companionship study. Ha ha So I want to share this, make sure you are praying often. Prayer is really a blessing for us. Heavenly Father already knows all things, but through prayer we are able to feel closer to Him. Remember that prayer has no meaning unless it done sincerely. Sincerely pray to your Father in Heaven about all things. I know that you will be able to feel of His love more abundantly in your life.
I hope you all have had a great week! Love you!

-Sister Nethercott

Last p-day we went on a bike ride and stopped at this wat 

Really its like a mix of Southern Cal and Hawaii here... But with a strong feel of Thailand.... Ha ha 

 We went contacting by this flower market last night. So pretty!

 A random sign I found... A little random? It made me think of your trip here. Ha ha
When we went to Thailand (Koh Samui) over Christmas break was when the Asia Air flight went down. It was a little un-nerving.
At the house

Our bike ride last Pday

Sister Alley must be pretty talented at riding a bike while taking selfies!

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