Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Busy! Week #26

We didn't get a real letter this week, mostly just answering our personal questions. She asked us to bold our questions in our emails so they'd be easier to find and answer. haha She must be busy!  She did send lots of pictures which we love!

My knee is feeling better. Just he scab is itchy. Ha ha but I got in a motorcycle accident last p-day. Sorry but probably won't have time to tell that story.

As for the people we are teaching. Nothing much to update. NO one could meet with us this week. It was a fast week full of long hot days of contacting.

We found all the LA's that I think we will be able to find. One of them has now come to church 2 weeks in a row now. She works on Sunday so she sneeks out right after the sacrament. But she is coming!!! The former we picked back up was out of town this week and couldn't meet with us... He might be going back to former. I am not sure how committed he is. We are supposed to have a member present every time we teach. If it is a male we have to have a female member. It is way hard here in Khon Kaen because all of the members work and learn all day and never have free time to help us. In Bang Khen it was so easy to get members in the lessons. We always teach at the church though. And short notice is something the missionaries can't really control. We don't know til last minute when investigators can meet with us. Its crazy for us too. We are so grateful for the members that help though. I plan to try and help the missionaries as much as I can when I get home.

This wat is about a 10 minute bike ride away. Way cool and free! Last Pday. 

This is what being a sister missionary looks like. Ha ha 

Our lovely reflector vests. Ha ha 
This is in the middle of the roundabout. Imagine if this was in the round about by draper park? Thats really what its like. 

Fixing the ceiling

The squid I tried... Not too bad but not something I would ever crave either. Ha ha

the Elder's baptism

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