Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Headed to Bangkok to meet Elder Holland! Week #64

We got this letter 2 days before the bombing in Bangkok. Normal P-days are on Monday but it was switched this week because of Elder Holland's visit. 

Sorry we don't have much time to email today but since Elder Holland is coming we were given permission to email for a little. 
Here is an excert from my companion Sister Brown's email. I don't think I could tell it as good.
"That same day we taught brother Jan and his wife. His wife has begun to express some doubts, so we're going to work with her on those and give her more time to understand how the atonement can help her before she is baptized. But brother Jan was just trying to preach to us the whole time we were at his house. We would go over prayer kinda like this, "We know that as you pray, you will... 'I LOVE PRAYER, I PRAY EVERY DAY AND EVERY NIGHT, AND BEFORE I DO ANYTHING, YA KNOW WHAT ELSE I LIKE? KEEPING THE COMMANDMENTS. SOME PEOPLE THINK IT'S HARD, BUT IN MY OPINION IT'S A LOT EASIER THAN HARVESTING RICE AND YOU GET SO MANY MORE BLESSINGS!!!' yes brother Jan, as you pray you will receive many blessings."' 
This is a story from the day we taught Paa Maa. They are still adorable. I hope that as we pray for Maa she will grow in faith and feel ready to be baptized with her husband. 
This week was crazy busy trying to get everything ready before leaving to Bangkok to meet Elder Holland. We are leaving in just one hour and will spend 2 nights in the city before coming back. Monday won't be a pday and Thursday is already transfers! We have no idea what to expect here from just whitewashing in. Last time this happened, both my companion and myself left the area. Ha ha
This week we just visited houses and taught people. It was so great. I love watching peoples faith and trust in Christ and His atonement grow. It is very simple steps to grow in faith too. All you have to do is read your scriptures daily, pray daily, repent daily and you will increase in faith.
I want to invite all of you to do these things. I promise as you do so, you will feel so much more peace in your life. You will learn to trust God and His plan for you.
Sorry this is so short this week. My computer is yelling at me in Thai telling me I am out of time.
I'll let you know what  happens with transfers next time I email!
Love you all!

Sister Nethercott

 I want Moses to come to Roiet... He would get a kick out of it.

 Someone showed up with a baby kitten... That is Elder Gage (who is about to finsih in a week) obsessing over the thing like it is his first born child.

 This is my egg white green curry omlet... I love the guy that cooks our food. He is an artisit for reals.

 It was mothers day. These are the Maa's that always take care of us here. :)

 This is outside of the wat by a members house we went to visit. I never want to เที่ยว a wat again. I don't know what that word means in English... 
You can google translate it if you'd like. :)
Google translate 
เที่ยว =  scout around

That is out front of our awesome investigators house!

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