Monday, August 10, 2015

Nothing else could possibly bring anyone more joy than serving others and helping them come unto Christ. Week #63

Sister Brown just turned to me while writing her email and said, "Was it this week that we went everywhere like all over Thailand? That was this week right?" We have gotten to the point where going from Roiet to Bangkok to Korat to Roiet to Udorn and then back to Roiet is becoming forgetable. So yes, it was another great week out here but not just in Roiet... All over Thailand. Ha ha
We had MLC this last wednesday so we were able to get trained and then take it to the zones that we are over. But we planned it well and made sure we would get back in time for our ward pioneer party on Friday night. We literally walked in during the opening song. 
So I guess I will re-wind. This week was so cool! It started with Tuesday. We made an appointment with this lady who apparently is an "investigator". She has been coming to church for a long time now but will leave right after sacrament meeting and won't let the missionaries teach her. Most people think she is just a member. So we cornered her and set up an appointment at her house. She lives way out in the rice fields. We drove out there and come to find out, she wasn't even home. She was still at work. But her adorable old parents were expecting us. I guess in her time of coming to the church she had brought home some of the pamphlets we teach with. Her parents had been reading them! They really wanted to read the Book of Mormon but because they are old their eyes aren't good enough to read the small font. They said their daughter would read it to them sometimes. They were so excited to be invited to church! They had already started keeping the commandments that they knew about. They had switched from drinking coffee to oveltine already. They were just so prepared and ready to learn. It was amazing! They came to church this Sunday and loved every minute of it. It gets even better because the Elder's investigator was baptized yesterday so they were able to stay longer and watch a baptism! I seriously love them. They are adorable. Its funny because even though they came and stayed all through church, through the baptism, and let us teach them after, their daughter still ran out right after sacramnet meeting. Maybe her parents will be a good example to her. Ha ha
Training was really good. They had a clear focus and a process of how to accomplish it. What I took out of it is, we are now stake builders. We need to be doing whatever it is in our area that will help it become a ward or prepare for a stake. They have such a big vision but I know with hard work on the missionaries part and divine help from God, it will be accomplished. 
Sunday we had the greatest guy show up to church. He was invited by the sisters that were here before us. He just moved from Bangkok... from my old area! He reminds me of two of my favorite investigators (who both happen to be from that part of Bangkok). After we taught him the first lesson after church on Sunday, we all went out in front of the church. He pulled his cigarrettes out from his pocket. Crunched them up in his hand and threw them away with the lighter. It was so amazing! 
Seriously, I love being a missionary. Nothing else could possibly bring anyone more joy than serving others and helping them come unto Christ.
This is a scripture that we read and talked about during MLC. พอดิว่า I also read this chapter while studying this morning. The verse is Mosiah 18: 21
"And he commanded them that there should be no contention one with another, but that they should look forward with one eye, having one faith and one baptism, having their hearts knit together in unity and in love one towards another."
I guess I am just inviting you all to love eachother this week. Have your hearts knit together in Christ. It doesn't matter how different someone may be, they are also a child of god. They are your brother or your sister. Love them.
I love you all! Hope you have a great week! 
(I won't be emailing next week because p-day is moved to Saturday in Bangkok because ELDER HOLLAND IS COMING!!!!!!!)

-Sister Nethercott

 On the road again
      For the pioneer activity we played a clip from 17 miracles where the pioneers crossed the icy river. To help them better understand we filled buckets with ice water and had them put their hands and feet in the water while they watched. I have never seen people more committed to come to church while it is raining than after that activity. (For those of you who don't know, Thai people are like way afraid of the rain and won't do anything even if they only think it will rain. Its rainy season... it rains every day).

 This member took us to her favorite shrimp place. It was good. I didn't even know I like shrimp. Ha ha She is also the member that has been driving us out to Pa Maa's house. She is only in town for a little bit because she is perfect and goes to medical school in Russia.

 Pa Maa
 The mothers day activity at the church. (There were so many activities this week!)

 This is our travel route that feels weekly. Luckily not quite.
 Pa Maa's little farm front yard.

Pa in the back of the truck on the way to church.

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