Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! Week #31

Hello everyone! Sorry yes it has been quite some time since I have emailed. Due to the holidays the last 2 p-days have been on Thursday. It seems like so much has happened since I last emailed I don't even know where to start!
Right now we have this flower festival going on in Khon Kaen. We went there a few times to contact. Unfortunately most of the people are visiting from different parts of Thailand. I thought it was pretty funny because the flowers there were so normal. I was expecting something amazing and exotic. It took me a minute to realize that the flowers we buy from Walmart and plant in our gardens are exotic for them. Ha ha But I got to hold this giant yellow snake there! That was pretty cool and heavy.
Christmas eve was great. We went to this HIV orphanage with some of the members from the ward. There were all these teenagers there. We played some games with them and brought them treats. They LOVED the Elders and I wasn't sure they would be able to get out of there alive! Ha ha
Christmas was fun. I got to skype home and talk to my family! It is so much easier to give updates over skype then typing it all out. It was good though and not awkward like I thought it might be. I was worried we'd run out of things to talk about. I guess I'll have to thank Grayden for having the app "How to get the most out of skyping with your missionary". After skyping we went bowling! I am just going to say my first turn I bowled a strike and my last turn I bowled a strike. Its not really worth mentioning the turns in between. But it was fun! Then we went and ate at this all you can eat t-bone steak buffet. It actually had really good teriyaki chicken legs... I got my moneys worth there.
The Saturday after Christmas we had a ward Christmas party. That was pretty fun. We got matching shirts. We ate food. We exchanged gifts kind of like a white elephant. I got a... towel. So yeah that was fun.
Then another week of lots of contacting to get us to new years. Oh Egypt showed up here in Khon Kaen. In Thailand they don't really understand the difference between Christmas and new years. So it is kind of just a week long party. They closed  down one of the busiest streets here and set up a stage in the middle of the street. I guess they have had concerts each night which I am home in bed for. Ha ha So yeah they set up this huge ancient ruin thing built out of Styrofoam. It was pretty crazy all week! Lots of investigators out of town and lots of visitors here. Its made the work a little harder to get done this week. But its the new year now and hopefully we can get things going again!
Speaking of the new year... This is definitely the earliest I have ever woken up on January 1st. Ha ha its a lot closer to the time I would go to sleep. But last night we set an alarm to wake us up for midnight. Not needed. The fireworks were going before the alarm. So we went out on the porch and counted down to midnight and watched the fireworks for a minute. Oh and of course we tim tam slammed before going to bed that night. We like to find any excuse to slam. Ha ha
Well with this new year I hope that all of you have set some tasks to accomplish. I guess President Senior (our mission president) doesn't really like goals. So we are setting some tasks. Ha ha But really you should all stop and take a minute to think. Think about last new years and where you were. Think about where you are now. Where do you want to be a year from now? Last yeah I didn't know I would be on a mission in Thailand, and well look! I am so grateful that I am! In relief society this week we were taught about Elder Godoy's talk The Lord Has a Plan for Us! I didn't get everything out of that talk because it was originally in Portuguese. Then I learned about it in Thai. So I went home and read it. I would recommend starting the year out by reading that conference talk. Read that talk and think about who you want to be this year, what you want to accomplish, and what things you need to change to do so.
I hope all of you have had a good holiday season and were able to feel Christ's spirit this Christmas! Love you all!

-Sister Nethercott

Contacting with some of the members

I found batman and his ride in central. :)

They had these funny things all over at the flower festival.... We couldn't resist. Ha ha

 Comp pics with Sister Grover at the flower festival

Some views at the FF 

More pics from the FF.

 District Christmas picture

 Me and the giant yellow snake!

 The Elders get a little distracted contacting... Ha ha

 Christmas! (I guess she got the stockings I made!)

 Christmas Bowling

 Ward Christmas party

 Part of our adventure to Egypt. They even have sand and everything... Its actually really annoying because it gets in my shoes!

 This is the stage in the middle of the road.

As you requested mom, pictures of the area. The red lights are so nice here because there is a timer on it. You know exactly how long you have to wait. So its a race with the clock to pull out the camera, snap some pics, then get it put away in time. Ha ha

 This is around central where we do just about all of our contacting.

 HIV orphanage

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