Monday, January 19, 2015

Baptisms, Statues and Crocodiles -oh my! Week #34

Hey everyone! Sorry for not writing last week but I got to spend the day in Nong Khai! Way fun! I would totally love to serve there, it is way pretty.
So since I last wrote... The work has picked up again. We had a baptism last Sunday! It was this cute girl Nuan who is the friend of our RC. We also have a few solid daters for next week too. So if I don't transfer hopefully I can see those through!
This week had the usual contacting almost all day everyday. But we had some good lessons and were able to visit a couple LAs. 
The Crocodile Slayer
Last P-day we went to Nong Khai. I got to see Laos! Now I just need to find a way to see Burma. It would be nice if I can't go to all the countries in my mission to at least see them. Ha ha So in Nong Khai we went to this cool statue place called Salagawgu or something like that. (Its hard to get from Thai to English). But the statues were way super tall and really cool. After that we went to this crocodile farm to watch a show. The guys were just playing with the crocodiles and kissing them and sticking their heads in their mouths. It was crazy! Then after they let us go into the cage to take a picture on them. It wasn't the crocodile I sat on that made me nervous (the trainers were distracting it) it was the other 6 or so in the cage. Ha ha From there we walked to Sister Grover's grandparents house. They are so cute and old! At first Sister Grover's grandmother didn't realize who she was. She just invited us to sit down straight away. Then Sister Grover said I've missed you. And her grandma looks at her and goes, "Oh Rina!" We said we only had a minute to stop by. Her grandpa is very stubborn. He kept insisting he would drive us back on his motorcycle. We kept telling him it was against the rules. Then he said it was ok, he'd take one of us at a time. Nope even more against the rules. He was being so persistent. Luckily we explained it to Sister Grover's grandma and she convinced him to let us walk back. After that we hurried over to the river market. Admired Laos for a minute. Then we had to head back home to Khon Kaen.
This week we went and visited this member that is an older lady. She isn't able to come to church anymore because her knees have problems and she can't walk or something. So we brought the Elders with us and they gave her a blessing. After they had left she started walking around and saying, "look, because of the blessing I can walk again. Maybe I can even come to church this Sunday!" It was great to see her faith and her testimony so strong.
I think I've mentioned this before, I have been reading in the New Testament. I came across this scripture in Romans 8:31. It says,
 "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?"
If God is for us, who can be against us. Its true. I mean yeah there is Satan against us, but what is he compared to God? 
Well I hope you are all having awesome lives. Love you!

-Sister Nethercott

 Sister Grover got a hair cut! That was exciting. The lady probably hated me because I supervised so closely that at one point I ended up with the brush and blow dryer in my hands. Ha ha  (This sounds so much like something she'd do!) 

 Our way crowded Songtaw

 Sister Nuan's baptism!
 That is how you get into Laos... Nong Khai is the border. Well, the river is. 

Tug tug ride in Nong Khai. Yay for fake cheep ray bands. ha ha 

 This is some cool statue place in Nong Khai

 Cool statue place... I have tons of pics. I think this enough though right?

 Me with a crocodile and that would be Laos behind me. :) Now I just have to find a city that you can see Burma from so I can see every country of my mission.

This dinosaur thing is at central.

Swensons for ice cream

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