Sunday, December 7, 2014

A baptism! Week 28

Well another great week here in Khon Kaen! Where to even start. I guess I'll attempt chronologically. Ha ha

So this week we had a Christmas zone conference which was way fun! That means on Tuesday we had missionaries start coming in from all different parts of the Issan. Khon Kaen is the most central area so yes everyone came here. Tuesday Sister Herrmann got to come and have a sleep over! Ha ha She was in the same room at the MTC so we got pretty close there and haven't really talked since. It was way fun to catch up. Then the next day on Wednesday we had our Christmas conference. We sung some carols in the center of the city. Then we walked over to the Pullmon hotel which is pretty nice. There we had this all you can eat buffet.... It was interesting... I'm pretty sure it gave me what they call here tang sia. Ha ha After the Buffet we headed back to the church for a Christmas devotional. We read and learned about Christ. Listened to a couple of speakers. Played this impossibly hard jeapordy... Or I am just stupid. Ha ha There were all these questions about phrases in the scriptures and you had to know the reference. Well we don't use the bible here because the church hasn't translated it so I am not that familiar with it... And well the team I was on didn't win... Ha ha. At the end of the meeting the missionaries that are going to go home before the next zone conference got to bare their testimonies. It was a lot of missionaries. The spirit was so strong though. It was long, but a really cool meeting. After we got to eat ginger bread. It was way yummy! Oh but the coolest part of the conference (to me anyway) was when the announced Sisters would be going to Laos! My trainer Sister Her gets to be the first Sister missionary in Laos with her companion Sister Holmes! She started working on her visa stuff my first transfer in country but it was top secret. That is why this last transfer was crazy because when President called that morning before transfers, he told Sister Her, "I want to get you to Laos this transfer." And then the craziness commenced. So I am way excited for her but sad I won't be able to see her until she leaves!
Friday was the Kings birthday here which is also when they celebrate fathers day. Everyone wears yellow (which no one thought to mention to me). So sports night turned into the members taking us over to the giant market they have set up for the silk festival. There we got to watch fireworks! It was cool. I took a cool video but still can't figure out how to upload/send those.... Sorry. Ha ha. 
Sunday our investigator got baptized! That was a really cool experience to be part of. She has been coming to church since April. She was really easy to teach because she has pretty much learned everything by going to church. And she speaks pretty good English. Ha ha. So this investigator was in the ICU for pneumonia and was told she was going to die within a couple days. She had a friend in Oregon who is a member of the church and I think she had her ward pray for her or something like that. By the miracle of prayer she was healed. As a thank you our investigator decided that she was going to go to church. Well she went nearly every Sunday after that. She has such a solid testimony and understanding of this gospel. Its amazing. Another of our investigators attended her baptism. After it ended I went and talked to her and she was crying. I asked what she thought and she replied, "I am so happy for her. And I just feel so good." So hopefully she can find time in her busy schedule to meet with us because she has already accepted a date to be baptized too! :) Oh and this is great. So she is an older lady. When we taught her earlier this week I asked her what she thought about this church. Her response was, "I like this church because it has chairs. You have to kneel at the wat. Kneeling is kind of a problem for me."  Ha ha I guess that is one way to find the true church.
This week I want to share a scripture that we read during the zone Christmas conference. 1 Nephi 11 talks about the birth of Christ and I would recommend reading it this Christmas season. But verse 22 says: "And I answered him, saying: Yea, it is the love of God, which sheddeth itself abroad in the hearts of the children of men;wherefore, it is the most desirable above all things."
God loves all of His children. That love is more than we can even comprehend. Who doesn't desire to feel more love than is even comprehend-able?
Well I hope you have all had a good week! Love you!

-Sister Nethercott
Baptism day! 
This is her friend from Oregon.

Our investigator that was baptized took us out to eat this week. It was delicious!!!

The Christmas conference. Friends and our zone! 

The kings birthday

Pretty sunset we couldn't resist taking a picture.
 Pics I stole from Sister Grover


Brecklyn often talks about slamming and has pictures of slamming. Once we got to KL, we realized we could buy TimTams too and had to try slamming. They are delicious! Here are the instructions if you can ever find TimTams. I think they're from Australia.

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