Monday, October 6, 2014

Close those umbrellas of fear! Week #18

Another great week here in Bangkok! I finally got to see womens conference. It was so good! It also made me sad though... Everything was about temples. I miss the temple so much! And then that video was weird... With the Spanish, Japanese, and Thai... I almost wanted to just take the subtitles out! Ha ha (Brecklyn has studied all these languages so I guess it would be annoying to not be able to listen to the native language.) But then it showed the Draper Temple, I got way sad because that is home right there. Nothing makes me more home sick than seeing the Draper Temple. All of the talks were great though. I always love President Uchtdorf. I feel like he really knows how to speak to women. It got me way excited for General Conference which we will get to watch next week!
This week has been pretty usual. Just filling our days with contacting, teaching investigators and visiting RC's. We finally have a dater! I went on a switch off and came back to find out that this cute girl we are teaching accepted a date! She is the one who is under 18 and her school has a break so she is going to be out of town a bit. She has a date for the last Sunday this month but it might have to be after transfers depending on how many Sundays she is in town for. 
The switch off was fun! We had zone training this week so I went to Don Muang after lunch. We contacted, had ward sports night (which I won the basketball game!) and then we taught an investigator. He took a date so fast! I think Bang Khen is just weird... Sister Her says its never been like this on her whole mission. Apparently people usually just take dates pretty fast like I saw the man do in Don Muang. After teaching we just went home, had studies the next morning, and after lunch I was back in Bang Khen. 
Church this Sunday was super great. Because Thailand watches General Conference a week later, it was a regular fast Sunday. Testimony meeting was really good though, so many of the members in the congregation were crying and feeling the spirit so strong. The testimonies here are so solid which is crazy for how new most of the members are! They can just see the difference the church has made in their lives. Its awesome!
Some things that keep being a missionary fun are times like when I was in the taxi the other day. I sat down next to the driver and started a conversation with him. He responded and then he looked at me and just started laughing. I asked him what was funny and he just kept laughing and said, "your a farang!" (which is what they call white people or foreigners here). And I asked him, "why is that funny?" and he responded still laughing, "because you are speaking Thai!"
Or when you get turned down while inviting to church. "No I am not interested I am Buddhist. But you speak Thai well. And you are pretty," says the sweet older women. That is the best kind of no... It isn't always that nice. Ha ha
Another fun experience, I got my hair cut by one of our RC's. We told her to just trim the ends... Well part way through Sister Her goes over and asks, "What are you doing?" RC replies excitedly, "This haircut is so easy, there are only 2 steps! Come here! Come look!" And then snip! Well lets just say I have lots of layers.... Maybe braids won't be happening this mission. Ha ha
But being a missionary is really great. There are always just crazy or funny things going on all of the time. Seriously, if anyone reading this is considering going on a mission, I say do it!
I am not really sure what to share for a spiritual thought this week. I think I will just leave the advice to go watch conference! I am sure it was great. Oh and go to the temple! Its important and should be done often! 
I also want to again share what President Uchtdorf said from Womens conference. Don't let your fears or disobedience to the commandments keep you from receiving the blessings the Lord wants to poor down on you. Being here in Thailand during rainy season, I can really understand the difference between using an umbrella and forgetting it at home. I am sure the blessings the Lord has ready to poor down on you are similar to the down poors here... Trust me getting drenched with blessings is what will happen. Close those umbrellas of fear!
I love you all and hope you have had a good week!

-Sister Nethercott

The Elders in the rain

It stayed flooded not too long. It was gone when we walked home that night

Good thing we got the ward picture right before all of the rain last week!

The Mini Big C. Its like the Walmart of Thailand. Big C is. But this one is a mini one. So it is mini Big C. I find that funny.... Ha ha


Sugar glider on my district leader's head

cute babies that run around church sticking their hands in the trash cans and toilets

Family Dinner. Spaghetti! :)

This is what happens when Elder Curtis eats too much during family dinner.

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