Monday, July 28, 2014

Flight Plans! Week 8

We got out flight plans this week!!! :) I have to say, it makes being here seem so much easier. 
Monday night we had TRC! It was really cool because we did it over skype! We spoke to this man named Ronny (yeah it is a very American name for a Thai person isn't it? I guess that's pretty common though). He is apparently the ward mission leader in Thailand. The next day one of the teachers Brother Sanders was roll playing him. We had no idea thats who he was. Ha ha
So this week for Tuesday devotional, Stanley G. Ellis (member of the 70) came. It was in the middle of his family reunion so he brought with him 8 of his 9 children. All 9 of his children have served (or are serving) missions. They all went to Brazil, France and Portugal until it came to his youngest child who is currently serving in Korea. I bet she was pretty shocked when she opened her call. Even her parents had served in Brazil. So she was probably expecting to learn either Portuguese or French. Ha ha But 8 of his children spoke and shared a quick spiritual thought about something they learned from their mission. One of the things I liked that was said is to claim the blessings the Lord promises. If we do the things the Lord asks of us, especially the things that have promised blessings attached, we have the right to claim and ask for those blessings.
Wednesday was Elder Curtis's birthday. We tried to make it at least a little special for him. He didn't want to make it a big deal or anything though. I learned that in Thai to sing Happy Birthday you just sing Happy Birthday with a bit of Thai accent. So that'll be easy to adjust to. Ha ha
Birthday Party!
 Thursday was pretty disappointing... I woke up feeling pretty sick but was in denial because of the days plans. Josh, the head of custodial services and I had scheduled a race to see who could crank their flag fastest. He holds the record at 20 seconds. Before I had much practice and before he told me his tricks (that help a ton) I got 35 seconds. So this week I had been making sure to eat enough food and get enough sleep all in preparation to race Josh with the flags for service. After the weeks efforts of preparation, I was totally in denial about feeling sick. So I went and raced (obviously being sick I didn't win) and then I crashed.
It was personal study next so I told Sister Zoller to wake me up whenever she wanted comp study. Well the next thing I knew, I had slept through all study time and lunch and class was starting in 5 minutes. So I hurried and got dressed because we had to teach Naang in that class. It was so sad because it was our last lesson with him. Brother Thrap (who role plays Naang) Is going to Colorado this next week for a family reunion so we won't get to teach Naang anymore. When our lesson (which went really well :)) was over, he asked us when we were coming back. We didn't have the heart to tell him never, so we just said we'll see you on Sunday and talk about it then. It'll be sad when we have real investigators and we have to say goodbye to them.
Now Friday.... FLIGHT PLAN DAY!!! It was the longest day of our lives. The flight plans didn't come until after dinner. But when they finally came, every minute here at the MTC suddenly felt worth it. We leave August 4, at 3:00. We fly to LA, then to Hong Kong, then to Thailand. The worst part is, our carry ons have a weight limit of 15 pounds. I have no idea how we are going to get all of our dictionaries and study material to Thailand. The scriptures alone will take the full weight limit. Ha ha. Oh well I guess we'll figure it out. So we only have one more week to push through and work really hard to be ready to teach the gospel, in Thai!
Then for sacrament I was called up to speak... That was fun I guess. I didn't like the meal they served for lunch so I was really hungry. And I could feel the strep coming on so that didn't feel too good. I made a joke with Sister Zoller that if I was called up to speak, I'd probably pass out from being too hungry and feeling sick. Ha ha. Luckily I didn't and I think it went alright. But yeah strep... Luckily Sister Herrmann got it first or else I wouldn't know about it... I don't feel too bad yet but after checking the back of my throat, its definitely there. Oh and at the temple walk I met Sister Herrmann's brother! She was laying in bed dying of her strep and didn't come on the temple walk. But her brother recognized Sister Zoller from pictures and came and asked us where Sister Herrmann was. So we got a picture with him and promised we wouldn't tell Sister Herrmann until he told her today on Pday. So I don't think she even knows yet... The doctor told her to sleep a lot today. She'll probably be mad at us when she does find out though...

Sister Herrman's brother
But I have decided I have been at the MTC too long. Yesterday, Sherri Dew spoke in relief society. I've already heard her speak since being here. Good thing I liker her. She gave a really good talk about the priesthood. And then Sunday night devotional, Steven B. Allen spoke. I have also already heard him speak since coming to the MTC. Thats the way the MTC tries to tell you it wants you gone. It repeats things you shouldn't be seeing already again. Ha ha
A funny thing that happened this week was during the prayer of a new Thai Elder, he meant to say khap khun kha Praong but instead he said Khap Khun Kha Farang... The difference is instead of saying thank you God it turns into thank you white dude. Ha ha who knows how he got those mixed up... Elder Curtis seemed to take responsibility for causing that one.
One of the highlights of this week was sharing a mango with Elder Okimoto. We had to plan a sneak mango eating party because I only had one left and there wasn't enough to share with everyone. So with our Khuus we found a table outside to daily plan at and I brought the mango. I have never seen anyone as happy as I saw Elder Okimoto eating that mango. Ha ha He looked like it was the best day of his life. So thanks mom for sending me those mangos!
Now the funny quote of the week would have to be from Sister Zoller. We were talking about how I really dislike spicy food and how I will have to learn to deal with it. Anyway it led to, "the gift of tongues in a different sense." Ha ha maybe you just had to be there... Should I just stop trying with these? Ha ha
Well I love you all and I hope you had an awesome week!

-Love Sister Nethercott

Computer lab- must be where they skype and email

The Elders
The new Thai Sisters
Braiding Sister Alley's hair
Sister Alley has twins!
Cafeteria, our zone mostly hangs out in this corner

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