Monday, July 14, 2014

"kick it towards the gigglies." week #6

Well it was week six at the MTC. And well after six weeks there isn't really anything new to write about... I'll try my best to come up with something. Ha ha
The Tuesday devotional was pretty cool. I know it was an answer to prayers for certain people within the district. Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke about feeling the spirit. He mentioned that we all receive different spiritual gifts. That we don't have to have them all. We just have to work on magnifying the gift that we have been given. He said, "you can be you and that is sufficient." He talked about the spirit and revelation and says that it is something that grows within you. Sometimes I think we all assume that we have to be good at everything and if we aren't trying to be good at everything then we have failed. It was nice having an apostle say that being you is sufficient. 
On Wednesday our district hosted again. It was funny because everyone was complaining about the heat and I kept saying to convince yourself this is cold because its gonna be a whole lot worse than this in Thailand. So when we walked up to class and everyone was sweating they asked our teachers if this was considered hot in Thailand. They said the temperature that it was outside would be considered a good day. Ha ha I'm just glad I wasn't really hot. Hopefully that luck stays with me in Thailand... Doubtful. But then our teachers were talking about the rainy season and how it is even really hot then. They said it gets really hot and when it rains you feel just okay because your still so hot. Ha ha That's something to look forward to... I guess.
When we hosted there were 650 new missionaries arriving. Mom, you asked a couple weeks ago if it was crowded. Well it is now. Ha ha There are all these English speakers that have invaded our floor and now we can never find a room to teach the investigators. There are always people around and Sister Brown and I had a companion inventory in a broom closet! Ha ha The only things that made it worth walking up the the 5th floor everyday is that we had space, pretty much the whole floor to us and the Cambodes and a few Portuguese. Speaking of the Cambodes they leave this week! Along with the Viets. So our zone will shrink for about five seconds before all the new Thais get here! They are splitting them up into 2 districts and they will be in two separate buildings from us (7 & 10). They will probably hog all the teachers which we aren't too happy about but we will try to love them anyway. They get brother Shipley and sister Stolworthy. They are gonna have so much fun with them as their teachers. We love them a lot. There are 20 new Thais coming in so our district gets to stay the special huge district! Ha ha
Do all the mom's think we are best friends with Elder Visser? I think the mom's tend to think that the mothers they talk to most are the missionaries that talk the most. Ha ha you all send us updates about him. Sister Brown even got his weekly email in her package. Ha ha Its nice to hear he is adjusting so well... But its pretty funny. (The mom of an Elder that just went to Thailand from their district last week shared his first letter in Thailand with us other moms. We were so excited and thought our daughters would be too! haha)
Saturday we played district kickball against the Cambodes/ a few Viets. It was pretty fun! The Cambodes seemed to take it pretty seriously and us Thais were just laughing and having a good time. I was standing by the line to kick for the Cambodes and I heard them say, "kick it towards the gigglies." Ha ha I like that our district can have such a good time with everything. 
Last night we got to walk to the Marriott center because they are doing construction in the gym. That was pretty fun! We got to go into the real world a bit farther than the temple. Richard I Heaton spoke about teaching with the spirit. Hey dad, do you know him? He's a Japan guy. Ha ha
Well I love you all and I hope you have had an awesome week!

Love, Sister Nethercott

Our District with the Thais, Cambodes, & Viets

Hermana Ferro? She is the companion of the sister from Thailand. She is from Peru. So she always speaks spanish to sister Zoller and I. She is super cute.
Our group +1
Sister Zoller, Herman, Brown and me. My roomies! 

Looks like they're studying hard- Sister Brown & Nethercott

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