Monday, August 18, 2014

Travel & Food Log Week #11

We got lots of pictures this week but only a 3 sentence letter. I guess a picture speaks a thousand words.  I think she's doing some missionary work. haha At least she looks good and is happy! And she finally has a home (that looks really nice) that she finally moved into after a week and a half!

Hey sorry I don't have time for a long email because I went on adventures today. I love you all! I will send some pictures and hopefully fill you in next week! I didn't move in til Thursday.... So that was fun. Ha ha

On the Subway with Sister Her
This is how crowded a Bangkok Subway is.

Cool Elephant Building in Bang Khen

Heavy Rain storm

No explanation, but I think this is an inexpensive restaurant with the food below. Looks delicious to me and probably only a couple dollars.

This drink is sooo good! It is coconut tapioca balls.


Kenz, do these corn things remind you of Midnight Madness?
(That's 2 weeks in a row that Brecklyn has referenced Midnight Madness.  It must've really influenced her. haha)

Mating frogs. haha

more food

This is a large van that works as the buses here. There are big buses too.

I'm glad to know they have Subway. At least I know she won't starve since it's one her favorite places to eat. 

I think this is the view from their apartment. 

Brecklyn and Sister Her on the right, in the lobby of their new apartment?

Sister Her hit her year mark so we celebrated at a fancy restaurant.
  Looks like sushi was on the menu. And yummy giant tempura shrimp!

Eating grilled chicken on a stick

I found our favorite drink from Japan in Thailand- Calpis Soda!

Relief Society. 
Looks like a nice church, huh?! 

Bus ride

Elder Curtis and Elder Wolfley's Baptism!

I've heard of these busses that you hang off the back bumper but she didn't give any explanation.  This must've been her adventure on P-day, going to this temple/shrine.

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